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Ahmed Elegl


حول Ahmed Elegl:

A Computer Engineering graduate, with a keen interest in Software development, Networks, RPA, Testing, IoT, and Cloud solutions. My primary objective is to work for an organization that allows me to demonstrate my knowledge and efficiency as well as to improve my abilities in the technology field, and to be part of a team that excels in work that contributes to the organization's growth.


  • Graduation Project
    Taibah University
    Jun 2020 - Apr 2021 (11 months)
    Used coordination and planning skills to achieve results according to schedule.
    - Maintained energy and enthusiasm in a fast-paced environment.
    - A graduation project that focused on networks.
    - Helped me understand network technologies Like LAN/WAN, Switching and Routing, DNS server,
    - Developed program software that monitors the university services and detects their faults like Cloud,
    Eventlog, Syslog, Firewall, DNS, OS, etc...
    - Used critical thinking to break down problems, evaluate solutions and make decisions.
    - Prepared a variety of different written reports and documents.


  • Solutions Professional
    Ejil Enterprise
    Jan 2021 - Nov 2021 (11 months)
    - Contributed to several projects with different solutions providers, our focus was to prepare technical
    proposals for different respective clients.
    - Attended Global solutions providers training that helped to understand the technologies and market
    trends. Such as Ring central, 8X8, and JBS. Focused solutions: IoT, SAP logistics, and HR solutions,
    Cloud communications (Unified communications as a service).
    - Worked on testing for different projects using Maven, Java, and Selenium.
    - Created a website for the company and published it (


  • Summer Intern
    Methods Smart الأساليب الذكية
    May 2021 - Aug 2021 (4 months)
    - Conducted research, gathered information from multiple sources, and presented results.
    - Assigned IoT design and implementation projects Worked on Front End and Back End projects using
    HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, Python, and Virtual Box.
    - Worked on creating Chatbots using IBM Watson Programmed a Text to Speech and Speech to Text
    - Designed an Engine and remote controller for a robot.
    - Designed several Databases.


  • Taibah University
    Bachelor of Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering
    2016 - 2021
    - Professional development completed in [Networks, Programming, Digital logic design, Operating
    systems, Algorithms and Data structure, Computer Architecture, Networks Security, and Network
    - Member of [Computer club of Taibah University] 

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