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Ahtisham Abbas


حول Ahtisham Abbas:

Dedicated Environment Specialist with 5 years of experience in ensuring adherence to environmental/HSE regulations and policies. Adept at conducting assessments, analyzing data, and implementing corrective actions to minimize hazardous impact. Proven track record of collaborating with cross-functional teams to achieve sustainable solutions and maintain compliance with local, state, and federal requirements. Highly skilled in environmental management systems, risk mitigation, and continuous process improvement.


Environmental Compliance Officer               Dec 2021 - Sep 2023
Nishat Group, Lahore, Pakistan
● Conducted daily inspections of facilities, including factories, stores, and stockyards, to ensure compliance with HSE systems.
● Created detailed inspection reports and effectively communicated findings to relevant departments.
● Proactively followed up with departments to ensure prompt closure of HSE observations.
● Provided essential support for contractor and factory teams during Job Safety Analysis and Risk Assessment.
● Summarized and communicated additional control measures, risks, and opportunities to concerned departments.
● Maintained and updated complete ISO 14001:2015 documentation in a structured folder format.
● Conducted training sessions as per the established plan and meticulously maintained associated records.
● Authorized critical working equipment, such as forklifts and electric stackers.
● Performed monthly stockyard and store audits, sharing comprehensive reports with relevant teams.
● Issued HSE permits for all non-routine jobs, including those involving factory and contract workers.
Environmental Research Assistant Jul 2021 - Dec 2021
Government College University Faisalabad, Faisalabad, Pakistan
● Conducted research on the Impact of different biochar levels as a soil amendment on Pb distribution in spinach, addressing high metal contamination in soil—a critical contribution to environmental health and safety efforts.
● Collaborated with Ph.D. students on research projects throughout my university tenure, co-authoring a book chapter titled "MICROCONTAMINANTS IN WASTEWATER," demonstrating my commitment to advancing knowledge in environmental health and safety.
● Currently in the process of publishing multiple research papers focused on environmental health and safety, adding to the body of knowledge in this field.
● Proficient in technical research paper and report writing, ensuring the effective communication of research findings and insights, a valuable skill in the realm of EHS.

Environmental Consultant                             Dec 2020 - Jul 2021
Asian Geomats Private Ltd, Lahore, Pakistan
● Ensured timely, compliant environmental data collection and testing in strict accordance with applicable legislation and permit requirements.
● Facilitated seamless communication with external clients and agencies, delivering routine project status updates and maintaining transparency in environmental/HSE matters.
● Orchestrated monitoring programs to precisely track air and water quality, noise levels, and erosion control, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of reports.
● Spearheaded waste minimization, disposal, and recycling initiatives while conducting annual Risk Assessments for environmental processes.
● Oversaw projects to guarantee alignment with scope, schedule, and budget constraints, consistently upholding EHS standards.

Environmental Compliance Supervisor                      Oct 2018 - Nov 2020
Sentrum Engineering Services Ltd, Lahore, Pakistan
● Ensured cross-level compliance with evolving environmental laws, regulations, and permits, maintaining up-to-date knowledge.
● Conducted thorough environmental assessments of construction sites, covering soil quality, water sources, and potential hazards.
● Prepared comprehensive Risk Assessments for construction sites to proactively identify and mitigate Harmful risks.
● Managed the acquisition and supervision of necessary environmental permits prior to project initiation.
● Delivered targeted environmental training to construction personnel, promoting adherence to best practices.


Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) - Environmental Science                             Sep 2019 - Dec 2021
Government College University Faisalabad, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) - Applied Geology                                                    Sep 2014 - Aug 2018
University of the Punjab, Lahore, Lahore

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