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Aljon Leo Pilapil

Aljon Leo Pilapil

Executive Bulter / Executive Head Butler
Dhabḩah, المنطقة الشرقية


حول Aljon Leo Pilapil:

A clever 33-year-old hardworking guy with extensive computer & hospitality experienced


  • We’re doing fine dining service, guest arrivals and elegant table set up in each event.


  • A day before the event we will prepare the requested function house.


  • We base the set up on the requested number of guests and its each preference.


  • Doing Mise en Place and wipe all the crockery sets, cutleries, goblets and all needed materials.


  • We make sure that the table set up is well ironed and clean.


  • In the day of the event, we should be proper dressed and presentable.


  • We serve on a synchronize manner to impress the host, guest of honor and the rest of the guests.


  • We’re serving first the guest of honor and the host to feel that they are the important persons of the said event.


  • While in guest arrivals, we make sure the house is fully ready.


  • When the guest arrived, we will receive them on a friendly manner and smile all the time.


  • We ask the timings of their wake-up calls, breakfast time, lunch time and dinner.


  • We ask their food request if there is one, and if not, we have a prepared menu on them.


  • For every new guest we record all of their preferences for the future arrival, and for the regular guests we know what is their needs and its already on the house.


  • We stay on the house for the whole day to assist them, to take care of their stuff and reset the house when they will go to meetings or events.


  • We will leave them when the guest is about to sleep but we make sure the timings for tomorrows wake up call and breakfast is already asked.


  • Distribute all the timing information to all unit (kitchen unit, housekeeping unit, driver unit, and food inspectors).


information technology undergraduate but expert in computer works

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