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Anwar Fallatah


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EX GSE, AGE And Facility Supervisor and specialist in Flyans for 5 years,

NPCO, Currently as Maintenance and ground handling duty supervisor.

The query of the new inventions is what I'm passionate with, I have this question always of the reason of why they making it? not how it works, because I believe knowing the purpose will assist you to get more detailes than knowing how it made.





An ex Saudi Electrical Company for 4 years as on site inspector as part of many others duties, such as project cost estimations, unified contract and quality assurance.

Also I’ve worked in Flynas as GSE duty supervisor for 5 years.

Currently, I‘m I work in NPCO as a GSE maintenance and ground handling duty supervisor.

I have a great background and experience with heavy duty equipment and power plant.


I was a part of an amazing team before and even now, we’ve build up whole IPM, SMS  as part of our management objectives which is related to our companies KPI.


I have started with the aviation industry as GSE  technician, I’m more specialist with equipment electrical work with excellent background, such as linkages and wiring instructions, CANBUS System in GPU, Motorized Maintenance steps, tower lights, Man-lift, and other equipment.


Also a very good background with Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems, such as Hydraulic Mule, air start, air  compressor, EZ-Loaders, nose Jacks ,Axel jacks And cranes.


I have incomplete study for 4 years in general electronic.

I hold an associate degree in college of technology from the department of electrical engineering 

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