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khaif Alhozami خيف الحزامي
Aziz Elghanam


حول Aziz Elghanam:

QC welding inspector 


Professional QC expert with years of experience to ensure every step of production process is followed perfectly. Career-focused NDT Inspector who boasts strong attention to detail and is focused on ensuring product integrity through nondestructive inspection and testing. Broad experience utilizing numerous NDT methods including weld quality testing and applications in structural mechanics.Highly educated with a Bachelor’s degree in Quality control  as well as Level II ASNT NDT certification and hundreds of hours of practical applications experience.


• ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training Diploma.
• Lean Six Sigma Collaboration
• Microsft Office Team
•  ASNT LEVEL II in Radiography Testing (Valid Up to 06/2027) .
•  ASNT LEVEL II in Magnetic Particle Testing (Valid Up to 06/2027).
•  ASNT LEVEL II in Liquid Penetrant Testing (Valid Up to 06/2027 ).
•  ASNT LEVEL II in Ultra sonic Testing (Valid Up to 06/2027 ).
•  ASNT LEVEL II in visual Testing (Valid up to 6/2027)
•  ISO 9001: 2008 QMS Lead Auditor 

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