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Dlair Abdulkarim

Dlair Abdulkarim

I am a Transportation Director - Manager


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Please see my attached CV


Transportation Planner and Project Manager for Transportation Infrastructure Projects with more than 25 years of experience specializing in Transportation Master Planning, Implementing Transportation Policies, Public Transport Master Plans,Traffic Studies, Cost Benefit Analysis, Public Private Partnership (PPP), Light and Heavy Rail Project, Maritim redevelopment; Crowed Management (F M – L M) and Traffic Demand Management. He is also involved in the assessment and technical design review of PT Infrastructure such as bus station and bus depot, prioritisation of implementation programmes based on economic viability to achieve strategic objectives. Lusail Bus Depot was awarded the Guinness World Records as the largest Electric bus Depot with a capacity of 478 buses -16th October 2022. Dr. Dlair has worked with government departments and with private consultant companies. He has lived and worked in the United Kingdom (from 1986 to 2007) and in the (UAE from 2007 up to 2016) and currently at Doha, Qatar since 2016. He has good communication skills and fluent in English and Arabic with excellent understanding of GCC and UK business practice. He also posesses a high level managerial skils to lead governments and private stakeholders, particulary in Qatar, UAE, UK and Iraq.


Bs C Civil Engineering

MSc Civil Engineering - Transportation

Ph.D. Transportation

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