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Hassan Alhaddad

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About me:

I am Hassan Alhaddad, a fresh gradute from Iowa State University, with a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering. I am looking for an entrly-lavel job in electrical engineering. I am mostly hardware oriented, focused on analog PCB designs, and different sorts of electronics and microcontrollers.


Bachelor degree in electrical engineering from Iowa State University. Class of Spring 2021.


Hardware Engineer

The Wittern Group

CO-OP: Aug 2020 - Jan 2021

Designed a vibration alarm printed circuit board (PCB):
- The alarm operates on a basis of comparators, a vibration sensor, and a PNP transistor.
- Once vibration is detected, the vibration alarm lasts for less than one minute.
- The length of the alarm time period can be controlled by a potentiometer.
- The alarm noise level is 120 dB (very loud).
- The battery life-cycle is 10 years (based on quiescent current consumed).

Designed a motion sensor printed circuit board (PCB):
- The motion sensor operates on a basis of an infrared light receiver,
infrared LED transmitter, and an NPN transistor.
- Once motion is detected, the light last for less than one minute.
- The length of the light time period can be controlled by a potentiometer.
- The motion detection is within a close-range (less than two feet).
• This range of distance detection can be developed as needed.

Worked on testing vending mechanism:
- I ran multiple coin mechanism tests to test the newest MATLAB code.

Worked on harnessing thirty different vending machine boxes
- I assembled thirty vending machine testing-boxes.
• Each box takes a couple of hours.
- Worked on many cable harnessing.

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