Hussam Aljuhani

Hussam Aljuhani

Medina, منطقة المدينة المنورة

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

Recent graduate of a highly selective university with experience creating and managing interactive web applications, designing and administering databases, producing and editing both still and motion graphics, and developing video games.

Bilingual in English and Arabic, and fluent enough in each to help manage the pilgrimage of more than two million visitors each year.

A self-starter and inveterate tinkerer whose formal education and industry certifications have added workplace-ready skills to a lifelong passion for innovation, efficacy, and demonstrable results.

Seeking an opportunity to apply my skills in a collaborative workplace where my best efforts support a wide range of functions and colleagues.


My degree in Information Systems helped me develop the skills necessary for my projects. For example, for my graduation project, I developed from scratch my web application and conducted extensive online research for the topic.

The abilities and skills that I gained from my studies, allow me to adapt to any project and work environment.


Fresh graduate.

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