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Imad Alshaer Abo Maen

Imad Alshaer Abo Maen

Senior Presales ITC Engineer
Riyadh, منطقة الرياض‎


حول Imad Alshaer Abo Maen:

     Imad AlShaer is a Compuet Engineer, a consummate talented, professional and skilled Sr. IT Consultant of world class solutions to utilize my +20 years Knowledge & Experience and ability to support as Pre-Sales play role of  trusted advisor for key Customers by providing right solutions to customer technical and business requirements by successfully architecting and articulating the technology solutions which helped customer retention while enabling business growth, I am eager to work in your company contribute towards the success, growth of the latest &  fast developing field.


1.           - Position                :  Senior Presales Engineer

 - Place of Work      :  Anmat Technology for Trading Company (Riyadh)

              - Duration of Work:  16 January 2019 – till now. 

- Job Description:  Active Networking & Security Solutions ICT Sector.

  • Support and be involved in the initial sales process. Duties include describing the components of the Maturity Model and Technology Roadmap as well as performing Network Discoveries.
  • Assistance in outlining the initial environment and products/services components.
  • Manage initial client on-boarding.
  • Compiling and leading scheduled technology reviews with program clients.
  • Develop, maintain, and perform administrative duties as needed.
  • Continually advise clients on technology trends and opportunities within their environments.
  • Facilitate meetings and strategic planning sessions with clients.
  • Ongoing client satisfaction.
  • Develop the evolving Active Network & Security product portfolio for the dealership and act as the primary account relationship manager with each vendor.
  • Provide presales technical support to sales account manager throughout the sales cycle to achieve business objectives
  • Generate technical network/system proposals based on technology and our product and solution offerings.
  • Offer technical consultancy and advice to customers
  • Work with post-sales team to ensure solution is delivered as proposed.
  • Build, develop, and grow any business relationships vital to the success of the team with the Networking and security offering.
  • Develop best practices and tools for the team and the accounts the team supports.
  • Handling Business plans and partnerships.
  • Team of Customer Experience Success.

2.          -  Position                :  Senior IT Consultant 

-  Place of Work      :  Multi Technology Company (Riyadh)

              - Duration of Work:  1st January 2018 – 15 January 2019. 

- Job Description:  IT Solution’s Consultations.

  • Develop and recommend technology solutions
  • Recommend the purchase of new systems.
  • Assess system performance and recommend improvements.
  • Prepare specifications for bid documents; review and evaluate contracts and proposals.
  • Respond to and resolve difficult inquiries and complaints.
  • Assist in developing, planning, implementing, and administering goals, objectives, policies, and procedures.
  • Develop and design the End-To-End infrastructure solutions (Network, collaboration, Compute and security solutions) as per the best practices and standards.
  • Develop the logical and physical models of the environments of the proposed solution.
  • Provide the HLD of the proposed solution.
  • Design and develop the Technical Proposal and comply to RFP.
  • Owning the coordination and delivery of technical input to infrastructure proposals related activities, RFP responses with complete technical Proposals.
  • Responsible of all including defining solution strategy, designing the right solution, obtaining solution validations and technical proposals.
  • Work with networks and security leading vendors such as Cisco, Fortinet, Palo Alto and Trend Micro, HPE, ….
  • Lead or co-lead answers to infrastructure relative RFPs.
  • Work with Vendors to get best price quotations and solutions.
  • Cooperate with a team to design, architecture, and implement infrastructure requirements
  • Design and present on premise/off-premises solutions
  • Technically support sales account team in competitive tenders.
  • Apply quality control for the complete solution, based on network standards, provide technical details, standard to be followed at stage of project. 
  • Work on tender documents (pre-tender and post tender activities)
  • Interact with suppliers/OEM for pricing and technical input.
  • Working with key account Client Projects and managed services. 
  • Handling of solution architecting proposals including the Technical & Financial.
  • Network Infrastructure Solutions for Wired & Wireless network Infrastructure, Unified Communication Telephony Solutions, WAN & Security, Network Management solutions and Passive solutions.

4.          -  Position                :  Senior IT Consultant (+3 years)

-  Place of Work      :  Technology Era Company (TERA Systems), providing quality objectives implemented in a collaborative process services, by interaction of IT Department for different Venders (Cisco Systems, HPE, AVAYA, ALCatel-Lucent, APC, , Leviton SystiMAX, R&M, Nexans, 3M, Tiger TMS, etc.

              - Duration of Work:  1st December 2014 – 31 December 2017.

-  Job Description:  Senior IT (Presales) Consultant.

Product & Activities: 

  • Apply Project Strategy, Quality Assurance, Best practice, and plan how to success.
  • Apply quality control for the complete solution, based on network standards, and Vendors best practice.
  • Apply Hospitality standards for Network infrastructure solutions of Hotels.
  • Handling of solution architecting proposals including the Technical & Financial. 
  • Being responsible for the overall (Passive & Active IT solution parts) IT solution, Complete Submittals, proposals …to get approvals & proceed with P.O. & ordering materials.
  • Interact with suppliers/OEM for pricing and technical input.
  • Leading architectural Passive Infrastructure UTP cabling, Fiber Optic, Racks interconnectivity MMF and/or SMF, Design, solution reviews. 
  • Responsible for delivering the Architecture & Design materials.
  • Coordination between IT & Low Current achieving quality control for structured cabling infrastructure of IP Solutions.
  • Analyzing and evaluating client's requirements (from RFP/RFI) and architecting/designing those requirements into a competitive solution. 
  • Providing cost elements and resource estimations as well as solution options/approaches for different requirements, meeting designer specifications, Tender documents, RFP, BoQ and Chain hotel standards (i.e. GPNS for Marriott). 
  • Perform scope of work as HLD for the solution, participate in the LLD scope.
  • Strong documentation skills, reviewing AutoCAD draftsman SLD, Compliance statement, technical proposal and get the Project consultant approval.
  • Motivated and enthusiastic about developing good relationship with office colleagues and customers.
  • Participate in Partnerships with Vendors Cisco, HP, AVAYA, Alcatel Lucent, …
  • Responsible for most pricing regarding active & Passive NW Solutions & services. 
  • Support the sales in getting the best Vender discount, by communicating vendors AMs, or distributor Product managers, officially registering the deals.

Using Vendor tools to propose a solution free of mistakes achieving best practice & Quality assurance IT architect solutions.

5.         - Position               :  Senior Presales Consultant & Project Management.  (5 years)

- Place of Work     :  GULF SOLUTIONS, GS is part of AL-Jammaz group of companies aimed to be the System Integrator, providing services of different Venders (Cisco Systems, EMC2, APC, Panduit, R&M, 3M (Copper & Fiber Optic cabling, Racks), Cyberoam security solutions,  … etc.

              - Duration of Work:  1st December 2009 – 30 November 2014. 

-  Job Description:  Presales Consultant, PM and Technical Services Head.

Product & Activities: 

  • Refine the current infrastructure design material in line with best practice.
  • Identify and implement opportunities to accelerate of our designs.
  • Implement design best practice and standards to deliver construction ready designs.
  • Establish the roadmap of changes to move to pre-stage/pre-built racks
  • Remove design rework methods to accelerate design creation.
  • Coordinate with Network Engineering, Supply Chain and Infrastructure Delivery teams to ensure seamless integration of new networking designs.
  • Support projects that require infrastructure and network hardware designs.
  • Participate in the infrastructure life-cycle planning and design to align projects
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders to deliver designs meeting turn-up timelines.
  • Support New Product Introduction activities that reduce cost and installation time.
  • As this is a global role, flexibility to work with stakeholders in different time zones.
  • Lead a team of solution architecting proposals including the Technical & Financial. 
  • Being responsible for the overall (Passive & Active parts) solution proposal delivery on schedule.
  • Interact with suppliers/OEM for pricing and technical input.
  • Leading architectural Passive Infrastructure UTP cabling, Fiber Optic Racks interconnectivity MMF and/or SMF, Design, solution reviews, internally & managing outsourced engagements. 
  • Responsible for delivering the Architecture & Design materials.
  • Help customer creating the RFP/RFQ, Study the customer business needs.
  • Analyzing and evaluating client's requirements (from RFP/RFI) and architecting/designing those requirements into a competitive solution. 
  • Providing cost elements and resource estimations as well as solution options/approaches for different requirements. 
  • Perform scope of work as HLD for the solution, participate in the LLD scope.
  • Strong documentation skills
  • Motivated and enthusiastic about developing good relationship with office colleagues and customers.
  • Participate in achieving Vendors’ Business partnership, Presales (Technical part). 
  • Achieved the 1st Revenue regarding Cisco Commercial Partner for 2010 and continues success on 2011 and 2012. (Since I join the company).
  • Achievements: Change the strategy of being box mover, to be solution provider.
  • Build strong relationship with customer, by providing the best solution partner for customers (successfully, provide turnkey solutions). 
  • Responsible for all technical installations, and managing Technical Team, PMO in GS and 3rd party work effort Services.
  • Responsible for most pricing regarding active & Passive NW Solutions & services. 
  • Support the sales in getting the best Vender discount, by registering the deals as OIP, PSP, collaboration Break away, Deal Maker, in CCW …. And other Cisco Partner programs.
  • Having responsibility to support technical team, customer meetings, Presentations, to implement the Project of quality engineering within given time frame and budgets. 
  • Develop proposals, Quotations, solutions provided, Documentation, Installation Acceptance and Certificate of Job Completion, SLAs, SoW …etc.
  • Success in performing several projects for key accounts different solutions (Wireless, cabling Network Infrastructures, Passive Data Centers Fire, Fighting System, Cable Trays, Zone Boxes, AIR Conditioning, Lighting System, Electrical woks, IP Cam, IP Telephony, Access Control & Time Attendance system).

6.         -  Position                :  Pre-Sales Consultant (≈3 years)

-  Place of Work      : OGER SYSTEMS, Oger Systems is part of SAUDI OGER group of companies aimed to be the IT Arm behind the Giant group of Enterprises, Unified Building Automation Services (UBAS) division.

              - Duration of Work:  6th Jan 2007 – 13th November 2009.

-  Job Description:  Unified Network solutions { Processing RFP, Generating BoM, Customer Meetings, Site surveys, Network design, HLD drawing, Scope of Work, Technical proposal, Account Managers support, opportunity qualification … etc.}

Venders & Product: 

  • Cisco Systems (Network Infrastructure LAN Switches, Routers, IP Telephony, Wireless, Firewalls ASA Security… solutions)
  • SystiMAX (Network Cabling Infrastructures (Copper & Fiber media solutions)
  • Exterity & Nevotek. IP TV interactive solutions: (Video, Audio solutions; i.e. IP TV, STBs, VoD, IPTV Gateways, IPTV Encoders, NevoTV … Complete IPTV & Management solutions).
  • Others (Axis [IP Cameras], HP-LAN devices, Iron Mail, Rittal Racks, Juniper, Hubbell cabling infrastructure, Fortinet, Aruba Wireless, APC UPS systems …etc)
  • Using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) after using “Help Desk” for daily Presales tasks sharing all activities, Sales, Presales, Purchasing, PM and Post Sales, keep updated of all phases of the project till it successfully closed.
  • Coordination with Project Management team at stage of implementation to make sure best practice of project delivery.

Duties & Projects

  • Working closely with the sales, Post sales and PMO team on proposals and pitches for business.
  • Attending meetings with business development managers and acting as a technical expert.
  • Putting together business cases for the sales teams to support their proposals.
  • Working closely and collaboratively with customers to devise effective solutions.
  • Ensuring that the company’s product can deliver on the customer’s requirements.
  • Presenting proposals to customers 
  • Support of account managers proactively drives innovation and value-creation for the customer by bringing intellectual value and best solution.

Projects Achieved are:

  • Rafik Hariri institute Infrastructure Cisco Solution 2007
  • Pension Fund – 4 Tours (Dhbab Towers) – Riyadh Unified Communication & Network Infrastructure Cisco & SystiMAX main brands 
  • IP TV Solution – Exterity Solution for Kind Saud University.
  • Many Solutions for network infrastructures performed under Saudi Oger main contractor. (Government & Private sectors).
  • The Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) Project in Eastern Province, LAN, Cisco Indoor & site-site Outdoor Wireless solutions Projects.
  • Zaid ALHussain & Brothers Group (ZHG) Complete Infrastructure for all branches 


7.          -  Position                :  Cisco Academy Instructor  (≈3 years)

             -  Place of Work      : Arabian Computer Suppliers Company (ARCOM), ARCOM  is one of the leaders in IT services in the Saudi market

              - Duration of Work:   7th Feb 2004 – 4th Jan 2007.

-  Job Description  : 

Cisco Networking Academy Instructor – CCAI Certified (CCNA, ICDL, Microsoft), ARCOM Training Center, supporting ARCOM different projects. 

8.         -  Position                 :  Network Engineer & Computer Teacher (15 months)

             -  Place of Work        :   Al-Rowad International Schools  Riyadh – Saudi Arabia,

              - Duration of Work:   1st April 2002 – 1st July 2003.

Product & Activities: 

  • Teaching Computer Science Classes from Grade 3 to Grade 11 
  • Developing the School website and update it frequently. 
  • Study & Supervise the supply & installation for network Infrastructure LAN solution, between both sections. 
  • Active member at evening schools’ activities.
  • Support in school Admission & registration 
  • Administrative Management support

­­­­­­­­­­9.           -  Position                :  Computer Engineer & PM (16 months)

             -  Place of Work       :   General Trading Company (GTC);   Authorized Distributor of IBM products, Sharp Photocopier machines and Faxes.

                          Location: Nablus, Palestine.

             -  Duration of Work  :  1st July 2000 – 1st Nov 2001

                                  Desktop, ThinkPad, Netfinity (xSeries) Servers, MS Windows NT OS, and sharp faxes & Photocopiers Solutions, networking, .. Site survey, design, developing and, LANs.

Installing, configuring, troubleshoot Local Area Network.

 LAN Network Infrastructure Cabling Solution Design, creating BoQ quotations, Consultations with cabling technical team.

10.            - Position                :  Security System Engineer (7 months)

-  Place of Work      :  RUM Security Co. –RAM - Ramallah, Palestine.

-  Duration of Work1st Dec 1999 – 30June 2000

               -  Job Description   :  preparing Proposals, BoM and design drawing. Installation and Support of          security Systems (NAPCO), monitoring system; signal Analysis. Security systems network, Via-TV modems (Analog Connectivity solution with RUM Security CO. Monitoring System, Internet connections CCTV Camera connections.


  • Outstanding honor Certificate, Amman University, Year 1996/1997.
  • Outstanding honor Certificate, Amman University, Year 1997/1998.

    -       Partner SE Elite Club Certificate 2011/2012 Cisco Systems International, Riyadh-KSA (Won as Best Team Contributions).



  • Source:  Al-Ahliyya Amman University – Faculty of Engineering; Jordan summer 1999

Certifications and Trainings

-    GB0-371 Building H3C High- Performance Campus Network V2.0                                                18/10/2022

-    Pass “Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies” - (Cisco ENCOR)                                         28/05/2022

-    Digital Transformation Specialists - (Cisco Customer Success Manager)                                       28/02/2022

-   Huawei Certified Pre-sales Professional IP-Network (HCCP)                                                         21/02/2023

-   Huawei Specialist (IP Network Pre-sales Specialist)                                                                        17/02/2023

-    Palo Alto Certificates - (Business Value in Data Centers on 14/06/2021, Cloud-Delivered Security Subscriptions and Customer Engagement and Methodologies 23/12/2021, Palo Alto Networks Systems Engineer (PSE) 27/12/2021 Certificates     

-    Cisco Video Sales Essentials (Partnership Certificate to Achieve Cisco Premier Partner)           21/08/2019

-    Sophos Certified Engineer                                                                                                                 21/07/2019

-    Introduction to Cisco Sales (Partnership Certificate to Achieve Cisco Premier Partner)               18/07/2019

-    Cisco Collaboration – Architecture Overview                                                                                    08/02/2019

-    Avaya Design and Quoting Bootcamp Training Course                                                          26-27, Feb 2018

-   ALCatel Lucent Enterprise – AQPS Alcatel-Lucent Qualified Pre-Sales (OpenTouch )                  02/11/2017

-    Cisco – Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures                                                                   17/08/2015

-    HPE – Introduction to Selling Servers, Storage, Networking and Services                                      11/05/2015

-    HPE ATP – FlexNetwork Solutions V2, HPE Learner ID is PL72424531                                        02/04/2015

-    HPE Accredited Technical Professional (ATP) – FlexNetwork Solutions V2& V3                          26/03/2015

-    Cisco Express Foundation – S. Eng. Gulf solutions becomes Cisco Partner Premier Certified)   Nov.2012                                                 

-    Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Routing and Switching Written 350-001 (CCIE R&S)           22/06/2011

-    Designing Cisco Data Center Network Infrastructure (DCNID)                                                       12/02/2009

-    Cisco Certified Design Professional [CCDP]                                                                                    13/07/2008

-    Cisco Advanced Wireless LAN for System Engineers [AWLANSE]                                                11/12/2007

-    Cisco Certified Network Professional [CCNP]                                                                                   07/28/2007

-    DESGN: Cisco Certified Design Associate [CCDA]                                                                          24/04/2007

-    Cisco Certified Academy Instructor [CCAI]                                                                                        15/10/2004

-    Cisco Certified Network Associate [CCNA]                                                                                       05/10/2004

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