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Looking for a position where I can best utilize my talents and skills that I have acquired over the years towards fulfilling the company’s goals & objectives. This will help in purifying
my skills and may add a better understanding that leads to perfection in performance and dealing with day-to-day duties in a way that makes me appreciate the company’s future strategies towards success and excellence.


Experiences ❖ Work:
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• Reporting to:
• Company Name:
• Company Address:
• Company size:
• Company Summary:
Rabigh, Saudi Arabia Male
Batterjee Medical Collage for science & technology Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Bachelor’s Degree in health care administration
From Nov-2018 till present Director of Operation President
International Floors Contracting Company Jeddah / Hail Street, Saudi Arabia
More than 35 employees
INTERNATIONAL FLOORS CONTRACITING is a supplier and contractor in the field of flooring solutions serving all kind of projects in KSA.
✓ Achievements:
        1- Successfully planning the targeting TBC for entering government educational sectors projects in KSA 2019.
2- Awarded three years contract with TBC for supply & apply for early childhood schools around KSA.
3- As per strategic sales plan for 2019, successfully planning execution which led to an increase in sales revenue by 30%.
• Responsibilities:
▪ Provide management to staff and leadership to the organization that aligns with the company’s business plan
and overall strategic vision.
▪ Drive company results from both an operational and financial perspective.
▪ Set challenging and realistic goals for growth, performance, and profitability.
▪ Create effective measurement tools to gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of internal and external
▪ Provide accurate and timely reports outlining the operational condition of the company.
▪ Spearhead the development, communication and implementation of effective growth strategies and
▪ Works and lead with other executives on budgeting, forecasting and resource allocation programs.
▪ Create, implement and roll out plans for operational processes, internal infrastructures, reporting systems and
company policies all designed to foster growth, profitably and efficiencies within the company.
▪ Motivate and encourage employees at all levels as one of the key leaders in the company including but not
limited to professional staff, management level employees and executive leadership team members.
▪ Forge strategic partnerships and relationships with clients, vendors, banks, investors, and all other
professional business relationships.
▪ Participate in the company’s road shows. Meet, interact, and present information effectively to potential
investors and private equity firms.
▪ Foster a growth oriented, positive, and encouraging environment while keeping employees and management
accountable to company policies, procedures, and guidelines.
❖ Work:
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• Reporting to:
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• Company Address:
• Company size:
• Company Summary:
✓ Achievements:
From Feb-2013 till Nov-2018 Administration Affairs Manager Dean of College
Batterjee Medical College for Science and Technology Abhor, Saudi Arabia
More than 300 employees
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BATTERJEE MEDICAL COLLEGE is one of the biggest private medical colleges in the region offering a
 variety of bachelor's degrees in healthcare programs with a unique medical education.
1- Developing the human resources by implementing the system use the MenaITech software, which contributes to paperless work environment.
2- Activating maintenance BMS system, creating maintenance plans over the year.
3- Activating ERP procurement system and activating min/max inventory system.
4- Increasing the student capacity from 1,700 students to 3,500 students, by increasing the number of
classrooms without costs
• Responsibilities:
▪ Creating, communicating, and implementing the organization's vision, mission, and overall direction. Leading
the development and implementation of the overall organization's strategy.
        ▪ Provides the leadership, management, and vision necessary to ensure that the company has the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and proper systems in place to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.
▪ Leading, guiding, directing, and evaluating the work of other executive leaders including Deans and head of programs, depending on the organization's reporting structure.
▪ Formulating and implementing the strategic plan that guides the direction of the business or organization.
▪ Overseeing the complete operation of an organization in accordance with the direction established in the
strategic plans.
▪ Evaluating the success of the organization.
▪ Demonstrating the leadership necessary to make the organization's mission a success. This leadership
includes providing leadership vision, leadership that attracts followers, and all other aspects of successful
▪ Monitoring the institute, purchasing, IT, maintenance, media, and PR, hostel, security, and personnel
departments; ensures compliance with institute policy and procedures .
▪ Monitoring Human Resource Services to ensure that proper procedures are followed during the Faculty and
Staff hiring process and administers processes for inventory control \ staff continues education programs.
▪ Develops and implements procedures within the college that support internal control including, but not limited
to assets control, expense authorization, and reconciliation of institute accounts .
▪ Upgrade and implement an appropriate system of policies, procedures, internal controls, and accounting
▪ Plan, coordinate, and execute the annual budget process.
▪ Provide analytical support to internal management team including development of internal reporting
▪ Improve administrative and operational accounting services such as grants, payroll, and payment processing.
▪ Contribute to the strategic goals and objectives as well as the overall management of the organization.
▪ Maintain continuous lines of communication, keeping the dean informed of all critical issues.
▪ Represent the organization externally, as necessary, particularly in lease negotiations.
❖ Work:
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• Position:
• Reporting to:
• Company Name:
• Company Address:
• Company size:
• Company Summary:
✓ Achievements:
From Oct-2012 till Jan-2013 HR Manager
CEO & Group HR Director
IKK Group, Al Hayat Building Material Company Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
More than 300 employees
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AL HAYAT BUILDING MATERIALS is part of the Hardware for Plumbing, Heating Equipment and Supplies
 Wholesalers Industry.
1- Work on policies and procedures and amend the necessary to be in line with the group and company systems.
2- Create a database for all the employees from different branches to transfer data to MenaITech.
3- Develop the entire organizational chart of all departments.
• Responsibilities:
        ▪ Responsible for all Human Resources functions in the Establishment including recruitment, selection, placement, and induction and training needs of manpower.
▪ Responsible for salary negotiation, job-offer, contract and its specific terms and conditions.
▪ Responsible for formulating HR policies and procedures.
▪ Responsible for staff attendance.
▪ Responsible for co-ordination with all department Heads/Manager/Supervisors.
▪ Ensure prompt and efficient services to all Employees of the Establishment without any prejudice.
▪ Responsible for Saudization in the Establishment.
▪ Solving staff problems to improve job- satisfaction.
▪ Support Manager / Supervisor in building and maintaining an awareness of procedures and process for
efficient service.
▪ Responsible for TQM staff development.
▪ Participates actively in TQM System development.
▪ Maintains confidentiality of the Establishment.
❖ Work:
• Dates:
• Position:
• Reporting to:
• Company Name:
• Company Address:
• Company size:
• Company Summary:
From June-2011 till June-2012 Assistant Administration Manager
Vice Dean of Administration Affairs
Batterjee Medical College for Science and Technology
Abhor, Saudi Arabia
More than 300 employees
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BATTERJEE MEDICAL COLLEGE is one of the biggest private medical colleges in the region offering a variety of
 bachelor's degrees in healthcare programs with a unique medical education.
• Responsibilities:
▪ Handles all the administrative matters regarding day-to-day operations and procedures for the concerned
executive office and ensures that all activities relating to the concerned function complies with policies and
▪ Manages the day-to-day operational activities of the concerned executive’s office including making the
meeting arrangements, preparing, and tracking purchase requisition, preparing reports and other activities.
▪ Provides top administrative assistance and support producing accurate and timely contract documentation,
letters, documents, MIS reports and spreadsheets for the concerned executive.
▪ Creates and maintains an effective filing system where reference indexing, updates and retrieval process are
used acting as a custodian for confidential documents.
▪ Schedules events, programs, and meetings, prepares agendas and plans for committee, board, other
meetings, and prepares minutes of meeting.
▪ Maintains good communication with staff to ensure that all correspondence is handled in a timely and
professional manner
▪ Supervise the activities of secretarial/clerical staff including planning and organizing the department workflow,
conducting performance evaluations.
▪ Organize internal/external meetings, events, programs, or conferences (local and international) as required by
the concerned executive.
▪ Represents executives at meetings as required by the concerned executive, record the minutes, and prepare
draft summaries.
▪ Prepare records such as agendas, notices, summaries, and resolutions for Council meetings.


Batterjee Medical Collage for science & technology Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Bachelor’s Degree in health care administration

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