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Mahmood Ahmed


حول Mahmood Ahmed:

As a result of my academic experience, I believe I have developed the necessary skills in dealing with issues such as working to deadlines, acting according to my own initiative, developing the ability to motivate myself, and promote my own self-confidence.

Furthermore, on account of my work experience, I have acquired the essential qualities of working in a team, developing a sense of punctuality, the ability to assume responsibility and fulfill my obligations.  I have been able to attain a high standard in management, leadership, communication, and obtaining results.


Certified Executive Coach and Cambridge Certified Trainer. I’m a results-driven, self-motivated and resourceful individual, with a proven ability to develop and strengthen teams in order to maximize company profitability and efficiency. I’m also experienced leading, and growing all sectors of a business, to make it a dynamic and progressive organization. Possessing excellent communication skills and able to establish sustainable and profitable relationships with customers, suppliers, and stakeholders across the world.


 Cambridge English Train the Trainer (TtT)

  • Analysing and Designing Training Sessions
  • Delivering Training Sessions
  • Observing Teachers
  • Pre- and Post-Lesson Discussions
  • Managing Feedback and Trainer Development

Advanced Certificate in Executive coaching. (15 Credits at Post Graduate Level PASSED)            The main focus projects in organisations including:

  • Enhanced Coach Excellence –  workshop (Completed and Passed)
  • Coaching/mentoring approach to leading and managing.
  • Developing internal Coaching/Mentoring capability.
  • Mentoring programs in expert environments.

محترفون من قطاعات مختلفة بالقرب من Mecca, مِـنْـطَـقَـة مَـكَّـة الـمُـكَـرَّمَـة

المستخدمون الآخرون الذين يطلق عليهم Mahmood

وظائف بالقرب من Mecca, مِـنْـطَـقَـة مَـكَّـة الـمُـكَـرَّمَـة

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