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Jeddah, مِـنْـطَـقَـة مَـكَّـة الـمُـكَـرَّمَـة

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About me:

My Tasks:
• Reviewing construction plans and preparing quantity requirements
• Preparing reports, analyses, contracts, budgets, risk assessment, and other documents.
• Manage Field Operations (Structural, Civil, Infrastructure and Finishing Works)
• Repairing Reports Of Field Work Activities Attend weekly and Monthly.
• Traveling from the office to various sites as required
• Approved materials and Tests for it.
• Effective Communications Between Engineers and Coordinate The Interface Of The Construction Work With Other Contractors On The Site.
• Identify Constraints And Recommend Corrective Measures.
• Never mind work pressure or staying till very late to get a job done.


Arab Academy For Science Technology and Maritime Transport - Faculty of Engineering. of Construction and Building Engineering in Alex-Egypt ( 2005 -2011) .
• The General grade : Good



Work Experiences  (10 Years)

1- ( Since Feb 2020- Until Now) As Construction Manager at Saud Al saadi & Partners CO.
AL- FORSAN SCHOOLS PROJECT ,MAKKAH Comprises Parking Floors , Ground floors , First floors, Second 
floors and Roof , Budget 30 Million SR
*Client: Al-JUAL CO.
*Consultant :- C&P Consultant

2- ( Since DEC 201 8 -JAN 2020)  As Project Engineer at  Saud Al saadi & Partners CO.
AL- AHMADI  TOWER PROJECT ,MAKKAH Comprises  3 Parking Floors , Ground floors , Mezzanine , 
Restaurant  Floor ,7 Residential  floors , Masjed floors and Roof , Budget 100 Million SR
*Client:   Salman Al- Ahmadi
*Consultant :- Brooj Al Omran Consultant

3- ( Since SEP 2016 – DEC 2018 

As Project Engineer at  Saud Al saadi & Partners CO.

MAHAWER THAKER HOTELS PROJECT ,MAKKAH are four Hotels Comprises A Water tank\Raft 
foundation,Sattlement,Mezzanne,Parking,Ground floors and 10 Residential Floors
*Client: Thaker City Development Project
*Consultant :- KHATIB & ALAMI K&A Consultant
-  inspect the errors and shortcomings of the all constructor elements (raft foundation , columns , 
beams , slabs , core walls , ramp , retaining wall , dewatering , Concrete , block work , Masonry 
Works, Tiles Works And Gypsum Board Works
- check work with the consulting engineer
-Approved materials and Tests for it

4- ( Since JAN 2015 – SEP 2016)  As Project Engineer at  Missan contractor CO.
NAMAREQ COMPOUND ,YAGHMOR, KEAC ,RABIGH , Comprises A Senior ,Junior And Worker Buildings Block 
Works, Masonry Works, Tiles Works And Gypsum Board Works    Budget 90.
*Client: AMAAR

5- (Since November 2014-JAN 2015.)  As Project Engineer at AL DAR AL ARABIA, JEDDAH.
As Project Engineer ,Charity Housing Building ,Comprises A Basement  Floor GF,5 Residential Floors 
And Roof , Blockworks, Masonry Works   Budget 38.85 Millions.

6-  (Since March2014- October 2014)    As Project Engineer at Fast Co, MAKKAH Expansion of the 
Grand Mosque Project ,( Concrete Repair Works in Structure Elements )
*Client: The Saudi government - Ministry of Ministry of Finance
*Consultant :- DAR – AL HANDASH
7- (Since September 2011- January 2014)  As Site Engineer at AZMEEL Co, YANBU.
Public Housing Project Contains Are Infrastructure Works  13.8k Electrical Manholes And  Duct Bank 
And Telecommunication Manholes And Duct Bank And Storm Pips System , Sanitary Pips System
Structural And Finishing Works Consist From  390  Villas, Recreation Centre And Al Masjed, Block 
Masonry Works, Tiles Works Budget 450 Millions

*Client: Royal Commission
*Consultant :- MARAAFEQ
9- (Since JAN 2011- SEP 2011)  As Site Engineer at L KAYYAT GYPSUM  FACTOURY , YANBU.
Comprises A Structural For Calcining And Grinding Plant, Bagging And Loading Plant &Finished 
Product Storage And Crashing Area , Budget 30 Million


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