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Mohamed Elgaara

Mohamed Elgaara

Production & Operation Engineer(Chemical Engineer)
Riyadh, منطقة الرياض‎


حول Mohamed Elgaara:

I am a chemical engineer with more than 12 years experience in the chemical industries and cement industry (grey & White) in the gulf area and Middle east. I started my career as operating engineer (raw mill, kiln and cement mill) then promoted to Production shift supervisor, Refractory Supervisor, Raw mill supervisor, Kiln supervisor and Cement mill supervisor. I have many achievements during my career. For example: -I was involved in the upgrading several Production lines to increase capacity and improve quality. - I was lucky to participate in the conversion of the first grey cement production line in the gulf area to produce white cement and vice versa. -I made a modification on clinker cooler spray system to improve clinker whiteness from 81 to 83. -I made a modification on raw mill hot gas generator to reduce crude oil consumption and safe more than 2000 liter of crude oil per day.


Current job: Working now in (Saudi Arabia) (DEC ,2012 - current)
-Saudi White Cement Company (SAWCEM) which is BABCOCK design upgraded by Fives FCB (1000 t/d).
-Riyadh Cement Company (RCC) Subsidiary of Saudi White Cement Company (SAWCEM) which is Sinoma design two production lines with capacity (5000 t/d) for each one.
Job titles:
-Kiln & Raw Mill Section Head. (Dec,2019 till Now)
-Cement Mill & Packing plant Section Head. (May,2018 - Dec,2019)
-Refractory Supervisor. (May,2016 - May,2018)

Job Responsibilities:
 Monitor all kinds of operating data related to each section of raw mill and cement mill and help the team in order to support their performance.
 Manage the activity of the team according to the production priorities and ensure that the safety and environment procedures are met.
 Ensure that the production and operations control equipment are in good working conditions by regular inspections.
 Take over the direct responsibility for the control of raw mill and cement mill in case of complicated situation.
 Ensure in quality and quantity the production of raw mix ,clinker under the production manager instructions.
 Assisting production manager in day to day operation activities to ensure smooth operation to meet the company target with proper coordination with respective department.
 Analyze and report the results of action plan, Advance performance improvement plan in order to improve the technical matters in plant continuously.
 Review daily reports and maintains required records regarding operations as requested.
-Production Shift Supervisor (Dec,2012 - May,2016)
Job Responsibilities:
 Monitor analysis of all raw materials (limestone, kaolin, shale and gypsum) to ensure if it is as requested physically and chemically.
 Monitor analysis of all products (Clinker and Cement) and ensure that all results are in targets.
 Adjust the raw mix components percentage to produce the required product quality.
 Follow up the shift operations through the work instructions given by the production manager to ensure the continuity of work and smoothness of operations and also for technical issues.
 Records the functional problems to provide control over the shift activities.
 Reports operational abnormalities to the maintenance department and follow up to ensure proper response and work continuity.
 Prepare shift reports to keep the production manager well informed about work progress.
 Abide by and observe safety and health regulations in all activities ensuring the preservation and safety of human life, machinery and company assets.
 Try to find a suitable solution for any problem in the plant by co-operation with maintenance team (troubleshooting).
 Take over the direct responsibility for the control of kiln and mill in case of complicated situation.
 Assisting production manager in day to day operation activities to ensure smooth operation to meet the company target with proper coordination with respective department.
 Direct reporting to Production Manager.

 Participation and supervision of the conversion for one of our company grey cement production lines (5000 t/d) to Produce White cement (2500 t/d).
 Participation and supervision of upgrading the third line which is produce white cement to increase the kiln production from 600 t/d to 1000 t/d by cooperation with Fives FCB company and Intermaint.
 Erection and commissioning of tube mills (raw mill &cement mill).

-Arab Swiss Engineering Company (ASEC) (Dec ,2010 - Dec ,2012)
at (Sinai White Cement Plant) which is FLSmidth design two production lines with capacity (1350 t/d) for each one.
-Sinai grey cement Company which is FLSmidth design two production lines with capacity (5000 t/d) for each one.
Job title:
-Production Shift Leader.
-Line Operating Engineer (Raw mill, sand mill, Kiln & Cement mill)

Job Responsibilities:
 Operation of Raw Mill (ATOX 25,ATOX 40) which is a Vertical Roller Mill and following up all conditions that have any effect on the efficiency of the Mill and try to find creative solutions for any problem during the operation.
 Monitoring and adjust the process parameter for all of (ATOX,SAND MILL,KILN & Grate and Rotary COOLER).
 Follow up Processing & delivering of raw materials by cooperating with Quarry Staff.
 Adjusting the parameters to keep quality of cement and raw feed (Blain, Sieve, LSF, AM, SM, etc.) under control.
 Monitoring and adjusting the process parameters (temperatures, pressures, flow rates, levels, etc.) for Raw Mill (ATOX 25) and its auxiliaries.
 Operation of Sand Mill which is a Horizontal Ball Mill.
 Operation of Cement Mill which is a Horizontal Ball Mill (Unidan)
 & Follow up its production and try to achieve high quality product in cooperation with chemical and physical Lab.
 Kiln Operation by achieving high quality.
 Try to find a suitable solution for any problem in the Plant (troubleshooting).
 Obtaining the trends, charts and process data for any measuring or controlling point and analyzing them to specify the problems.
 Direct reporting to Shift Leader and Production Manager.

 Participated in conversion of cement production line#1 to produce grey cement instead of white cement.

-So Pure company for water treatment as a
(Technical Sales Engineer) (June, 2010 - Dec, 2010)


 Bachelor of Engineering, Cairo University (May 2010).
Major: chemical engineering
 Cumulative grade: Fair
 Graduation Project: Melamine production from urea
 Grade: Very Good

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