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Mohamed  Soliman

Mohamed Soliman

warehouses manager
Khobar, المنطقة الشرقية


حول Mohamed Soliman:

An enthusiastic warehouse manager with drive, determination and a proven ability to oversee the efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of a wide range of goods. Having the necessary management skills required to administer, improve and develop a warehouse to achieve maximum efficiency, effectiveness and quality of service. A hard working, pro-active individual with an upbeat positive attitude, who also has extensive knowledge of working practices, recruitment, pay, conditions of employment and diversity issues. Currently looking for a management position that offers variety and the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally.


⦁ Managing all processes and functions within a busy warehouse. 
⦁ Managing a team of up to 100 employees within 14 branches .
⦁ Training staff and monitoring their performance and progress.
⦁ Oversee the safe receipt, storage, retrieval and timely dispatch of goods and Distribution to other areas.
⦁ Keeping stock control systems up to date and making sure inventories are accurate.
⦁ Plan the arrangement of goods within the warehouse and organize special requirements for stock.
⦁  Ensuring quality, delivery and budget objectives are met.
⦁ Maintaining high standards of materials handling. 
⦁ Responsible for warehouse security and accountability. 
⦁ Ensuring compliance with all Health and Safety regulations. 
⦁ Using automated computer systems to monitor stock control. 
⦁ Making sure that all freight receipts and deliveries are carried out in time.
⦁ Expenses Control to keep all expenses within the budget.
⦁ Scheduling work & rots to meet fluctuations in staffing levels & workloads.
⦁ Directs the operations of the warehouse team to achieve objectives.
⦁  Contacting with customers, suppliers and transport companies.
⦁ Responsible for the disciplinary & grievance procedures. 
⦁ Working with team leaders to review procedures & maximize customer satisfaction.
⦁ Producing regular reports and statistics on a daily, weekly and monthly.
⦁ Overseeing the planned maintenance of vehicles, and equipment
⦁ Take responsibility for the security and maintenance of the building and workers resident.
⦁ Follow up any new projects required by top management inside the region.
⦁ Regular visits to the branches to evaluate workplace and staff.


⦁ BSc agriculture
⦁ ISO9001
⦁ Warehouse management
⦁ Six sigma

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