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Mostafa Abdelrahman

Mostafa Abdelrahman

A passionate traveler & explorar
Quraydah, منطقة المدينة المنورة


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حول Mostafa Abdelrahman:

Dear all,

 My name is Mostafa, I am from Egypt & currently I am traveling in Saudi Arabia. 

In 2015 I graduated from Mechanical power Engineering, Helwan university.

At the end of 2016, I finished my military service & started working in Telesales company, specialized in selling mobiles phones & sim cards in the United Kingdom.

In summer 2017, I started a new full time job in a technical office related to my field & degree, at the same time I was still working in Telesales as part-time

In Summer 2018, I quite my jobs & traveled to Vietnam, where I started a new life there & became an English teacher for three years, working in School, kindergartens & educational centers.

in Summer 2021, I quite my life in Vietnam and came back to Egypt as I found my purpose in traveling, building connections and devoting myself to my inner journey of the self.

In Winter 2022, I traveled to Europe, where I visited 40 cities in 8 countries in less than 3 months. Currently I am on a journey traveling & exploring Saudi Arabia.

Since summer 2021 till Today, I have been working online, as a part-time English teacher & did some free-lance translation projects, I also got a certificate from The American University in Cairo that is related to Arabic studies & translation.

I am a highly passionate, energetic, positive, self motivated person & dedicated to my job and to serving my purpose on our planet. I have been on a healthy diet for more than three years, living a sustainable lifestyle, doing yoga & meditation on a daily basis & different types of sports. 


Full time Engineer

Telesales & Telemarketing specialist

English teacher

Arabic-English translator


Teaching English & Translation

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