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Muhammed Yassen Taha


حول Muhammed Yassen Taha:

Experienced hospital pharmacist with more than 9 years in the field with outstanding
interpersonal skills and the ability to maintain positive relationships with customers,
vendors and medical professionals. In-depth knowledge of healthcare organizations
and insurance providers. Committed to preparing and dispensing medications according
to established hospital guidelines.


• Accurately dispensing drugs to patients according to doctor's prescription.
• Checking prescriptions for errors & making sure medications is appropriate
for patients.
• Instructing patients on how to use medications, possible side effects and
• Contacting and working closely with other healthcare professionals.
• Answering questions from patients and staff about medicines.
• Ensuring the accuracy of all prescriptions, products and services supplied.
• Managing and resolving complaints.
• Compounded and dispensed medication and other pharmaceutical
preparations in compliance with legal, ethical and professional standards of
pharmacy practice.
• Talking to regular patients to see how their treatment is going.
• Able to train and supervise Pharmacy Assistants and pharmacists.
• Communicating with customers sympathetically and supportively.
• Maintaining pharmaceutical stock, creating inventories and ordering more
• TPN and IV preparation technique, extemporaneous preparation and dose
calculation for pediatrics.
• Participate in the automation of Inpatient pharmacy (PYXIS), provides user
support, perform maintenance activities and troubleshooting, and
monitors proper functionality and use of the system.
• JCI and CBAHI standard 


Bachelor of Pharmacy: Pharmaceutical Sciences, 09/2012
International University of Africa - Khartoum, Sudan

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