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Al Jubayl
Paul Claridge

Paul Claridge

Ammonia, Nitric Acid DCS and Operation Foreman
Al Jubayl, المنطقة الشرقية


حول Paul Claridge:

Instrumental at co-ordinating tasks for day, creating schedules for workers, overseeing quality of site. Skilled at maintaining records production levels and storage capacity, as well as equipment maintenance schedules. Proven success actively engaging in world’s largest chemical complex ever built-in single phase of joint-venture of Saudi Aramco and Dow. Known for supervising preparation of pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures. Articulate and refined communicator; building and maintaining trustworthy relationships with management to attain key corporate objectives. Expert at identifying and resolving systemization and commissioning technical issues. Talent for assisting Project Manager in contacts with client representatives for handover of plant.


I started my Multi-Skilled Apprenticeship back in 2002 for a company called Terra Nitrogen in Bristol, UK (Nitric Acid, Ammonia, C02 and Fertilizer) there i trained as Ammonia LCA outside and control room operator) 
In 2006 this site was due to close, i then moved within company to Teesside, there i trained as outside and control room operator, looking after Primary Reformer, Secondary reformer, 100bar 40bar steam system, Steam turbines for 3 compressors and 2 BFW (Air, Refridge and Syn Gas) CO2 absorption and Ammonia Convertor and many other systems
I left Growhow in December 2013 and join SADARA in February 2014, i was sent of OJT (On Job Training) to Germany with Dow where i trained on Nitric Acid, MNB and Aniline.
I returned to Saudi in September 2014 to start commissioning Nitric Acid, as well has commissioning activities i was given the roll to train the operators in the control room for Nitric Acid and MNB. While doing this i was promoted to Operations Foreman for isocyanates (Nitric Acid, MNB, Aniline and Formalin)


NVQ Level 3, Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Petro-Chemical Operations

Petro-Chemical Operations, Engineering, BTG Ltd

BTEC Level 3, Operations & National Certificate Maintenance Engineering, City of Bristol College

BTEC First Diploma, Manufacturing Engineering, City of Bristol College

NVQ Level 2, EMTA P.E.O, City of Bristol College

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