Reem Alzahir R

Reem Alzahir

Al Qaţīf, المنطقة الشرقية

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About me:

A freshly graduate with a chemistry degree. Interested in industrial applications of chemistry, specifically in cosmetic chemistry. Passionate about science, art, and sustainability. Fluent in English and Arabic. 


Degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University, USA
College Orientation Year, Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute


Cosmetics: Participated in conducting a research on Cosmetic Formula at Penn State College of Chemical Engineering. The study focused on utilizing advanced scientific knowledge to modify formulas of different cosmetic products in lab for the objective of enhancing product quality, develop environmental friendly products as well as potentially identify new cosmetic products.

Medicinal: Participated in conducting a research on Preparing, purifying , isolating and characterizing of both organic and inorganic compounds using modern methods. The objective was to be able to synthesize and produce medical chemicals used in industry in more efficient and cost limiting methods.


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