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6 months ago

Eid al-Fitr—the Day of Muslim Festivity

Mohammed Abdul Jawad ·   · O, now with few days left, the blessed Ramadan, the month of fasting and abstinence, is nearing its completion. It came, with its own splendid, sublime and shimmering hue, and those who welcomed this month, in a right manner with sincerity, piety and true spirits, are the rea ...

11 months ago

Are You a Star Performer?

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Ever heard of annual corporate events? I am sure every employee remembers this day very well. Moreover, it’s hard to forget such an emblematic day when there’s something special after lively gathering or say like a company CEO’s stirring speech and an orderly banquet with a varie ...

1 year ago

Fearing the Invisibles

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · In the vast expanse of the Universe, we human beings can be termed as ‘Best of the Creation’. Besides humankind, we have our prime opponents, the devils who live in a parallel world and are invisible to human eyes.  · Devils are, after all, deviants who whisper dubious thoughts, ...

1 year ago

Flecks of Fears

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · When the whole world is taking preventive measures and safety steps against the escalating COVID-19, there comes a research study that says that smokers are less likely to suffer from coronavirus. Sounds strange, isn’t it? · In fact, the study suggests a substance in tobacco – p ...

1 year ago

Ramadan Amid COVID-19

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · With the widespread of contagious coronavirus, every country is facing a crushing calamity. Definitely, as the blessed month of Ramadan is near, Muslims, across the globe, are preparing to welcome a different Ramadan in coronavirus times. · What it mattes if we encounter certain ...

1 year ago

The Chronicles of Coronavirus

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Agreed that the contagious coronavirus has turned the mankind into a helpless species, but out of the gallows of calamities and chaos, there seems to be emerging cisterns of hopes everywhere from the folds of humanity. We, human beings once again, are trying to regain our lost id ...

1 year ago

Let's Enliven the Passion for Humanity

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Life, before, wasn’t so scary. Now, death in lurking, every moment of life has become precious. We don’t want to lose life. Not early, not from the outbreaks of viruses. · Ah, what a global calamity and widespread chaos from this Coronavirus. · We all know viruses are every ...

1 year ago

Impacts of Infectious COVID-19

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · As coronavirus takes its momentum and presence everywhere, so every country is queuing up to put forth its own concerns and preparing to tackle possible repercussions in the coming months.  · Everywhere there seems to be a temporal disconnection. Slowdown in import and expor ...

1 year ago

Catastrophic Coronavirus

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · With the spread of catastrophic coronavirus in more than 100 countries and territories, almost, all the countries are taking precautionary measures and doing their best to curb the spread of virus.  · East to West and North to South, the whole world itself is heavily burdened wit ...

2 years ago

Use of Social Media in Ramadan

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · With the month of Ramadan everywhere there’s lot more of activities, campaigns and celebrations through social media usage and different applications. It’s digital world everywhere and without social media, perhaps, Muslims lack luster in celebrating the very sanctity of Ramadan. ...

2 years ago

Soap Operas in Ramadan

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Alas! When Ramadan begins, then those who take delight in watching television dramas get more excited because in Ramadan alone there are dozens of soap operas.It’s not that people neglect the reverence of Ramadan or discard fasting. But, besides fasting in Ramadan, they stay tune ...

2 years ago

Fortunate, Rich and Winners

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Indeed, in this temporal world, human life is an ordeal. Sometimes, we perceive something, and sometimes some things are beyond our grasp.We think it’s easier to become wealthy or successful by our sheer efforts. If we don’t become what we aim, then that’s our destiny. With a lit ...

3 years ago

Mazhar Raja Retires from PSI after 28 Years

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · A few days back, I heard from one of my colleagues that Mr. Mazhar Hussain Raja will be soon retiring after 28 years of long service at Pharmaceutical Solutions Industry, Jeddah. · On 31st October 2018, by fluke, I met him on the office corridor, and as we got to talking, I reque ...

3 years ago

Broken Blood Relations

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Sometimes, typical tales remain untold or hurting happenings lie buried in deep memories. Even family blood relations turn feeble and dispersed with thwarting circumstances, enraged emotions, frequent discords and unpleasant separation. What a wretchedness when grown up children, ...

3 years ago

Expounding Human Equation

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Verily, human tendencies and traits are dynamics of human beings, and with its presence we make an exposure of pragmatism, neutrality or pessimism. Being passionate we dream, we aspire, we utter, we speak, we listen, we look, we move, and we act. Erase passions, we become heartle ...

3 years ago

Farewell to Families for a Bright Beginning

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Nah, it’s no comforting farewell, but splitting of families from their near and dear ones, with the burden of cost of living for expatriates. Fortunate are those who, out of their handsome salaries, can pay off any sort of levy or shoulder strains of rising prices.But, desperatio ...

3 years ago

For Steadfastness, Solace and Success

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Ah, the expansive earth, with its colossal treasures, rich vegetation, bulwarked huge mountains, measureless seas and oceans and enormous natural resources. Lo! How well wide skies, without any support stand firm, with its hues. For sure, this all speaks that there’s the Almighty ...

3 years ago

In Search of Humanity

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Indeed, human beings in this vast Universe are not created unbridled. We, human beings, belong to bordered nations, diverse racial groups, contrasting cultures and speak limitless languages so that we may know each other and treat well, not to nickname and ridicule others by down ...

3 years ago

From Rags to Riches

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Indeed, sometimes we come across stories of people who, from rags to riches, earn great fortune and rank like wealthy few in this passing, temporal world. Let the world flare any remarkable reason or human efforts to point their wealth, but without countless favors from the Lord ...

4 years ago

Greed for Wealth

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Ah, life begins swiftly and fades away timely. The stretch of human life clearly hints destiny. Nothing less comes the way and nothing more is given. · With the taste of wealth, oftentimes, we human beings, out of tendencies and temptations, fall into oblivion, forget others and ...

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