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9 months ago

Language of Caring, Science of Change: How to Rapidly Improve School Climate (K-12)

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Cost: FREE  · Course Date: Open · Duration: Ongoing · Commitment: 4 - 6 Hours Total · Requirement: None · Course Type: Self-paced · Credential: Badge, Certificate · SIGN UP FOR THIS COURSE TODAY!  · ENROLL · Description · In today's high-stakes, high-pressure world, students' ...

1 year ago

Why Some Leaders Derail Their Careers?

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Sometimes, it’s hard to trace out what traits impede in one’s life and cause a derailed career. · The worst happens when a person adopts a biased leadership style. Here, a person may be good to his obedient buddies and build a close affinity with them. On the contrary, he may mis ...

1 year ago

Simple Rules for Leading Change

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Generally speaking, employees prefer to see a sequential shift in authority rather than unexpected camouflaging changes. Perhaps, hearing the very word ‘changes’ causes bewildering buzzing in their ears, and every now and then, they keep hearing half-cooked stories or rummaging r ...

1 year ago

Thinking of Change Management?

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · We all, generally, feel annoyed when we see changes happening and the reasons remain obscure. It’s a human tendency that when we are unaware of anything, either we tend to dislike it or keep ourselves detached. However, in a broader aspect, when employees feel convinced that ...

1 year ago

Adopting and Implementing Changes

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Without innovative approaches, nothing changes in the working styles, and progress ranks at lower levels.  · To be an effective change leader you have to assess organizational culture. Take a top to bottom approach. Chart out major hurdles, then look for little discrepancies ...

1 year ago

Rolling Out Organizational Changes

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Of course, companies move from nascent stage to growth over a stretched slot. Nothing happens one time, but with bolstered trustworthiness and good rapport, there’s every possibility of quick progression. Like harnessing cordial relationships, a company that carries out effective ...

1 year ago

Thinking of Restructuring or Reorganizing?

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · If you are in the position, you have to learn anyway. There’s no escape from either the environs or responsibilities. People, who are at the helm in the beginning, take initiatives to alter diverse aspects for the sake of smooth transition and clear changes. But, prior to any new ...

2 years ago

Creating a Culture of Change

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · What you say about a company that’s without rank culture, consistent stability and measurable performance. When everything is in mess and no one holds a sense of responsibility, then no one cares to read the pulse of a company, give a keen observation in denting corporate culture ...

5 years ago

Crux of Change Management

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Image source: www.bcodn.org · In the organizational context, when people talk of change, they associate the dreaded word with the way it personifies itself. Generally change is perceived in many ways, some of which are: · ◙ Technological change happening as a result of major rev ...

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