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8 months ago

Sponsored Webcast: Managing Global Regulatory Complexity

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR · Complete the form to learn more! · Five Strategies to Optimize Regulatory Compliance in New Markets To be successful and stay competitive, pharma and biotech companies often look to expand into new markets. Expansion introduces new challenges with regul ...

1 year ago

Begin to Bolster your Business

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Nothing remains viable when businesses engage in traditional techniques, invariable old products and restricted sales territories. · In fact, to compete, grow and sustain with changing market dynamics, it’s crucial to apply innovation at all possible levels. · So, it’s time ...

5 years ago

As a leader, what can you do to help foster innovation?

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · It is believed that R&D leaders must address six key dimensions: · 1. Clarity: Is it clear what kind of innovation is expected and how that relates to the big picture? Does my team know how much innovation I would welcome and how it could improve the company?  · 2. Flexibility: ...

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