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6 months ago

Prevention, Identification and Management of Infections in Health Workers in the Context of COVID-19

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · FREE ONLINE COURSE · The course is free. Just register for an account on OpenWHO and take the course! · ENROLL FOR THIS COURSE · Overview: During the COVID-19 pandemic health workers, in particular those in contact with and/or who care for COVID-19 patients, are at higher risk of ...

10 months ago

Continuous Glucose Monitoring In Diabetes Management

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · FREE COURSE · Continuous Glucose Monitoring In Diabetes Management · Duration: 30 minutes · Profession: Physician · No. of credits: 0.5 · Accreditation: Dubai Health Authority (DHA) · Expiry Date:  2021-08-20 · To start course, click here and join for FREE · Course Overvi ...

11 months ago

People Management in Pharma Sales & Marketing

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · FREE ONLINE COURSE - Course Duration: 50m 41s · To create an account and enroll for this course, click here · Material Includes: 11 Video Lectures1 Knowledge Check QuizCourse certificate · People Management in Pharma Sales & Marketing by Dr. V K Sharma - Course Level: Intermedia ...

1 year ago

Thinking of Change Management?

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · We all, generally, feel annoyed when we see changes happening and the reasons remain obscure. It’s a human tendency that when we are unaware of anything, either we tend to dislike it or keep ourselves detached. However, in a broader aspect, when employees feel convinced that ...

5 years ago

Be Bold or Stay Behind Like Silent Spectators

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Every flourishing company takes pride of its senior workers…some who’ve remained loyal since their early start to passing times, some who, like historians, vividly remember company’s beginning, ups and downs and pathways to prosperity and some who have wielded their energies to c ...

5 years ago

Change Management for Improvements

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · When You Think of Improvements, Think of Change Management · The failure of organization change occurs for a variety of reasons, including overreaching, insufficient communication, and the failure to execute.The process of working with individuals and groups to change systems and ...

5 years ago

Are We Getting Squeezed by Workplace Stress?

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · What a miserable, poor human life where now-a-days people work more for the sake of their existence, and live less amid brief jubilation and little, feeble joys! Perhaps, even after all basic needs and handsome luxuries, our lives are messed up, with chaotic work and social style ...

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