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11 months ago

Are You a Star Performer?

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Ever heard of annual corporate events? I am sure every employee remembers this day very well. Moreover, it’s hard to forget such an emblematic day when there’s something special after lively gathering or say like a company CEO’s stirring speech and an orderly banquet with a varie ...

1 year ago

Drugs are not Almonds

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · For simple uneasiness, twitching pain here and there out of overwork, or insensible notions due to sleep disorders, you don’t rush to see a doctor to have a prescription of half-a-dozen names of medicines. · Perhaps, the fashion of the world is to décor your homes, with appealing ...

3 years ago

From Rags to Riches

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Indeed, sometimes we come across stories of people who, from rags to riches, earn great fortune and rank like wealthy few in this passing, temporal world. Let the world flare any remarkable reason or human efforts to point their wealth, but without countless favors from the Lord ...

4 years ago

Greed for Wealth

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Ah, life begins swiftly and fades away timely. The stretch of human life clearly hints destiny. Nothing less comes the way and nothing more is given. · With the taste of wealth, oftentimes, we human beings, out of tendencies and temptations, fall into oblivion, forget others and ...

4 years ago

The Dark Side of Being an Expatriate

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Ugh…What it means to be an expatriate, away from family and home country?  · Ask an expatriate worker: ‘Is life abroad comfortable?’ Definitely, he/she would express more woes and less happiness. May be in the struggle to become rich, one loses health, and with deteriorating heal ...

4 years ago

Story of an Ailing yet Caring Mother

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Who can defy the true worth of mothers? Nah, so much has been written on the goodness and greatness of mothers that I would only say that ‘mothers are the blessed elements of Nature’. · We all recognize, remember and rank great men in history, but either we remain unaware or find ...

5 years ago

Ugh...Middle Managers or Meddling Managers?

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Definitely, workplaces are all composed of diverse categories of players (employees), and then there are layers of work wherein all enacting their own roles. It’s not necessary that everyone has the same amount of work, but, keeping in mind the etiquettes of work atmosphere, ever ...

5 years ago

Politics, Conspiracies and Pathological Liars

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Alas!  How goes this world so heavily burdened and every moment it discloses her chronicles, with the sketches and summaries of evil and the themes and text of greater spoil. · Collapse of currencies, rising repression, towering turmoil, spiraling scams, mounting mayhem, alarming ...

5 years ago

Spilling Hypocrisy for Unfair Authority

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · When a greedy person reaches to high position and gains access to authority, he becomes even more ardent to remain in that position for a longer period. Such a typical person would outwardly behave in placid manners, but inwardly prepares a deadly mishmash of distorted feelings a ...

5 years ago

Suicide—a macabre act

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · When you come across any suicide news, what would be your immediate reaction? You pause a moment…! Oh, then! You try doing a little guesswork…but to what avail? The only question lingers: what could be reason behind this suicide episode?In a recent past, a teenage student committ ...

5 years ago

Let's Treat Others With All Goodness and Fairness

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Ugh…how incivility rules in some corporate environments where employees are ranked in esteem by their color, caliber, country origin and credentials.You jig, with flattery, you win positions. You speak truth, in honesty, you get fired! And then, there’s a dictum: ‘Big organizatio ...

5 years ago

Arrogance, Ego And Revenge

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Perhaps, in this passing world, the subject of utmost priority should be 'how relations can be formed, cherished and continued well to make an exposure of pleasant and virtuous lives'.Let’s talk about human bond that describes us in our personal, workplace and social lives.  · Ev ...

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