Operation Manager- Khobar KSA Catering industry experiencerequired - Al Khobar, المملكة العربية السعودية - Trans Skills Group

    Default job background

    The Operations Manager plays apivotal role in the HighQuality Casual Dining industry dedicated tooptimizing the operations of our upscale establishments.

    This roleensures a seamless costefficient and salesdriven environment whileprioritizing the customer journey andprofitability.

    FinancialManagement and Budget Oversight:
    Develop and manage budgets foreach location.
    Control and managethe area and outletsP&L
    Maintain and controlFood & Beverage costs in line with the budgeted%
    Monitor financial performanceand implement cost controlmeasures.
    Collaborate with thefinance team to analyze financial reports and identifyopportunities forimprovement.
    Maintain the Payroll% per area and outlet in line with budgeted%

    OperationalExcellence in HighQualityDining:
    Spearhead efforts toenhance operational excellence in a HighQuality Casual Diningsetting.
    Thrive in a fastpacedhighvolume environment coordinating operationseffectively.
    Implement bestpractices for streamlining operations to ensureefficiency.
    Collaborate withindividual restaurant and cafe managers to enhance daytodayoperations.
    Implement bestpractices to optimize workflow and resourceallocation.
    Ensure true guestdelight through delivering the optimal guestJourney.

    Ensure consistent qualitystandards in food preparation andservice.
    Monitor and maintainadherence to food safety and hygieneregulations.
    Conduct regularquality audits to uphold guestsatisfaction.

    CustomerService Excellence:
    Champion acustomercentric culture.
    Addresscustomer feedback and implement strategies for enhanced guestsatisfaction.
    Train and mentorstaff to deliver exceptional customerservice.

    Provide leadership andguidance to restaurant or cafe managers and theirteams.
    Foster a positive andmotivated workenvironment.
    Oversee staffingrecruitment and traininginitiatives.

    Expansionand Growth Strategies:
    Collaboratewith senior management on expansion plans and newventures.
    Participate in theopening of new locations.
    Ensureseamless integration of new establishments into the existingoperationalframework.

    Workwith Marketing Department and the Event Sales Team to ensuremaximum revenues and covers.
    Drivethe business and Marketing activities in line with the MarketingCalendar.


    Qualificationsand Experience:
    Proven experience (7 years) in senior operational roles within theFine Dining industry.
    Bachelor sdegree in business administration or a relatedfield.

    Fine dining operational expertise with a salesdrivenfocus.
    Costsaving strategies andfinancial acumen.
    Multitaskingand agile management skills in a busy upscaleenvironment.
    Indepthunderstanding of profit and loss financialreporting.
    Dedication toproviding an exceptional customer journey in finedining.

    Exceptional communication and collaborationskills.
    Management of P&Laccounts.
    Problemsolving andadaptability in a fastpaced upscalesetting.
    Leadership and teammanagement abilities.
    Acustomercentric mindset and passion for high quality casualdining.
    Profound knowledge of thehospitality industry standards and bestpractices.

    Qualifications and Experience:
    Proven experience (7 years) insenior operational roles within the Fine Dining industry. Bachelors degree in business administration or a related field.

    JobSpecific Skills:
    Fine dining operational expertise with asales-driven focus. Cost-saving strategies and financial acumen.
    Multitasking and agile management skills in a busy, upscaleenvironment. In-depth understanding of profit and loss financialreporting. Dedication to providing an exceptional customer journeyin fine dining.

    Exceptional communication andcollaboration skills. Management of P&L accounts.
    Problem-solving and adaptability in a fast-paced, upscale setting.
    Leadership and team management abilities. A customer-centricmindset and passion for high quality casual dining. Profoundknowledge of the hospitality industry standards and bestpractices.