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3 High Risk Supplier Quality Management Practices and How to Overcome Them

3 High Risk Supplier Quality Management Practices and How to Overcome Them


Topic: 3 High Risk Supplier Quality Management Practices and How to Overcome Them

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Duration: 1 hour

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We've seen it before - if your company's quality management practices don't extend to your suppliers, you're at greater risk for 

  • Painful audits, 
  • Warning letters, 
  • Product recalls and 
  • Lost revenue. 

A major source of this risk is supplier communications, documents and data spread across isolated spreadsheets, Sharepoint, and email inboxes. 

How are you expected to quickly and accurately respond to a nonconformance or challenge if you can't find the right version of the supplier's certification, audit, or Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR)?

It doesn't have to be this way. Quality is powerful, and when well managed with the right tools it is a strategic advantage. 

In this webinar, Veeva's quality expert Sophia Finn will share the top three poor supplier management practices gathered from working with customers in highly regulated industries, and show how companies like yours have overcome their challenges to achieve 

  • Enhanced supplier engagement, 
  • Visibility, and 
  • Accountability.

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Source: Quality Digest 

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About Quality Digest: For 36 years Quality Digest has been bringing information to quality professionals. Quality Digest (sometimes abbreviated as QD) is an online news and information source owned by QCI International that covers an array of quality management topics, including standards, compliance, metrology, Six Sigma, problem solving, employee participation, customer service, and lean. Originally a monthly print magazine, it ceased printing in 2009 in favor of online platforms.

QCI International was founded in 1980 by Donald Dewar, one of the pioneers of the early quality movement in the United States. Dewar promoted quality circles to U.S. businesses. As part of that effort, he published Quality Circle Digest, which later became Quality Digest. Today, Quality Digest delivers feature articles and news on the quality industry via our e-newsletter Quality Digest Daily and on its website. Offices are located in Chico, California.

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