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After 30 Years, G. Mohammed Will Leave Saudi Arabia


1. Where were you born and describe your early years?

I was born in a suburb called Risala Bazaar, Hyderabad, whose vicinity takes pride to have ‘Golkonda’ (also known as ‘Round shaped hill or Shepherd’ hill) which is a citadel and fort in Southern India.

After completing my primary education in the locality, I joined Industrial Training Institute (ITI), in Mallepally, Hyderabad to pursue certification course in Mechanical & Welding skills. After the completion of ITI course, for a shorter period I took up ‘apprenticeship’ at the Road Transport Corporation (RTC), the state-owned corporation that runs transport services within the state of Telangana.

Later on, in due course of time, as I enhanced my skills and garnered experience, I moved on, from one company to another, for career growth and better earnings. With good standing, I left reputed companies such Vazeer Sultan Tobacco (VST), Hindustan Machine Tools (HMT), Regional Research Laboratory (RR Lab) and Warner Hindustan Ltd (the pharma manufacturer).

2. What inspired you to come to Saudi Arabia?

Frankly speaking, for the sake of earning handsome salary that can be sufficient for my family and children’s upbringing and education, I always dreamt of coming to Saudi Arabia. Fortunately, in 1989, I arrived in Jeddah.

3. When you first joined Pharmaceutical Solutions Industry (PSI) what were your first feelings?

My first job was at Jamjoom Metal Industries, Jeddah. I worked there a little more than a week.

One day, I literally approached Pharmaceutical Solutions Industry Ltd (PSI). I was interviewed by Engr. Syed Mohamad Haider Zaidi, who then headed Engineering and Maintenance department.

After joining PSI, I was extremely happy because the experience that I had in Warner Hindustan pharma environment helped me in securing job at PSI. With the job role and responsibilities at the workplace, nothing was difficult and every task became simpler for me. 

4. Remembering the past, how would you describe your life in Saudi Arabia?

Away from my wife and children, working in Saudi Arabia was tough for me. However, to escape homesickness and loneliness, I managed to travel on annual vacations and visit my family and kids in Hyderabad, India. Perhaps, after 15 years, somehow, with little stability in earnings and savings, I called my wife and children on family visa. Then again, for the sake of higher studies, my children accompanied by my wife moved to Hyderabad, India.

5. Tell about your job, your relationships with your colleagues and whom do you miss most?

For more than two decades, I was working in maintenance department and during the recent past I started working as a Foreman in Projects department. Besides my former skills, after joining PSI, I have learnt a lot and got familiar with new technological systems and mechanical equipment and structures.

For me, PSI is not only a successful company, but it’s like a family, with its congenial culture. I must admit that the management always treats the employees like family, and that’s indeed a blessing for everyone.

After leaving Saudi Arabia, I will miss one and all because I had cherished good relationships with my colleagues and seniors.

6. Over the years, what major changes you have seen in PSI?

From a small company, in fact, PSI has grown significantly like a family. Upon my retirement, I have no regrets whatsoever. For the last three decades, with all heartiness and dedication I have enjoyed my work at PSI, and I am happy to say that I was treated like a family member. My very best wishes to PSI and all employees and may PSI continue to flourish and enjoy success.

7. Tell us a bit about your family? Do you have children?

By the Grace of Almighty Lord, I am blessed with a wonderful family. My children, of them four daughters and one son are well educated and happily settled in their lives.

My greatest tragedy was the death of my dear wife, two years back, who played a major role in upbringing and mentoring my children.

My son graduated in business administration and carries numerous certifications and vast experience in project management, IT operations and managing IT infrastructure. Currently, he is working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

My eldest daughter holds Master degree in Arts and she is living with her family in Jeddah, second daughter holds MD degree in Anaesthesiology and working in Riyadh, third daughter is a MBBS doctor (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) and runs her clinic in Sharjah, UAE and fourth daughter is qualified with MBA degree and stays in Hyderabad, India. By the Grace of Almighty Lord, all are married and happy in their own lives.

After my wife’s death, I started feeling loneliness, and for me, the best option was to go for a second marriage. During this year, in May 2018, I got married, and currently, my second wife is staying with me.

8. What are your best experiences in Saudi Arabia?

Living in Saudi Arabia will be a memorable experience for me. With all goodness in people, serene surroundings, affordable housing and better livelihood, I had good times. Being in Jeddah, with convenience and affordability, countless times I had visited the two holy cities namely Makkah and Madinah. Easy access to these two cities is like a double blessing.



9. Anything from Saudi Arabia you miss when you return your home country?

When I return to my home country, I will miss one and all, my workplace that’s like a family. From the bottom of my heart, I thank all those who hosted farewell party and conferred retirement gifts for me, and applauded me for my years of service.

10. What are your plans after leaving Saudi Arabia?

Well, I wish to get myself busy in some good, virtuous works. To keep the life on the go, perhaps, I may think about starting some sort of workshop to keep myself active and healthy.

11. Do you have any advice for your colleagues?

Simply, I would say –‘Work hard, be honest and remember always the Almighty Lord because He is the Best to help us and bless our righteous affairs in our lives’.

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How nice of you to share your story. Much success to you and your beautiful family.

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