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Are You a Star Performer?

Are You a Star Performer?

Are You a Star Performer?

Ever heard of annual corporate events? I am sure every employee remembers this day very well. Moreover, it’s hard to forget such an emblematic day when there’s something special after lively gathering or say like a company CEO’s stirring speech and an orderly banquet with a variety of food delights. So, you must be speculating what’s that special thing, aren’t you?

Well, that unique slot of function is all about recognizing star performers and announcing their names with feisty tones. It’s that time when we see snooping employees, with their eyes at the podium to have a glimpse of ‘star performers’ of bygone year. 

When employees are truly acknowledged for their last year’s performance, then that’s pretty cheery news for them to gain the accolades, award, star performance credential with a surplus bonus (because an acknowledgement of good work without money is sometimes unpleasant).

But, for some, who aspire immensely, silently work hard, and churn liberal enthusiasm for great ideas and commitments, these events are just crushing disappointment. It signals plainly that their hard work is overlooked, their resilience deserted and they are simply ignored, by their bosses. Is this the destiny writ for those poor employees? 

Nay, it’s a gross error of uncaring bosses. The Almighty Lord knows…what thwarts them to distinguish the key strengths of their loyal, hardworking staff?

“Tell me, this year, are you a star performer?” asked my colleague. He continued, “You are after all, GM’s secretary with a remarkable performance”.

“Ten years”, I said with a feeble pause. “Done so much, with packs of gusto, tons of hard work and dashing dedication…but I don’t know why he keeps me aloof…the Almighty Lord knows why he is callous of my real hard slog soaked in honesty and simplicity”, I firmly ended up my statement, without any frustrating remarks.

After replying to my colleague, I said to myself, “Ugh…had I mastered some way of flattery to please my boss, praising his manners and extolling his actions with coloring words, I would have achieved much more.” 

But, my heart annulled my false notion, and assured me that 'profitable are the uses of honesty and simplicity'.

Undeniably, there are countless employees who suffer the unfair ordeal from their bosses, who bluntly refuse to honor their duteous employees or simply give a lame excuse. What happens next? 

Workers, in absence of motivation, find an uninteresting environment, and eventually they will put no extra efforts or creativity for a company that rewards not their efficiencies nor keeps them happy. 

Indeed, when hardworking and honest employees do their best, and at the end when a company fails to praise or reward them for their worthwhile performance, then that’s far more hurtful to employees' morale. You can’t afford to lose your talented employees by ignoring them. 

At last, a simple dictum to bosses is enough: 'When your employees perform, reward them, with incentives! And when they outperform others and go beyond expectations, then why not treat them as 'star performers' of your company? 

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