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Clean Room Filters

Clean Room FiltersCLEAN ROOM

FREE ONLINE COURSE - Course Duration: 54m 39s

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Material Includes:

  • 9 Learning Videos
  • Course Certificate

Clean Room Filters by Sant Advani - Course level: Intermediate


Cleanrooms are clean because of the cleanroom filters. You can consider these filters as heart of the cleanrooms. These filters are designed specially to filter the particulates in the air down to sub-micron sizes. The (HEPA) filter will filter the air down upto 0.3 microns at an efficiency 99.975%. There is also Ultra low particulate air filter (ULPA) which have got the capacity to filter the air down to 0.12 microns at a very high efficiency of 99.999%. This course teaches you the Importance, Types & Applications of Filters along with the testing techniques. It also shows the process to change the HEPA filters. Along with the information of Gas Phase Filters, Chemical Filters & Masks you will also learn the ISO 14644-3:2019 about the Clean room filters. The comparison is also done between N95, KN95, FFP2 Face Masks.

What will you learn
  • Importance, Types & Applications of Filters
  • ISO Certification
  • HEPA Filters
  • HEPA Filter Testing
  • Changing HEPA Filters
  • Gas Phase Filters, Chemical Filters & Masks
  • ISO 14644-3:2019

Language: English

Topics for this course
10 Lessons: 54m 39s

Clean room filters

  • Introduction     0:56
  • Part 1: Importance, Types & Applications of Filters            2:56
  • Part 2: ISO Certification                   3:25
  • Part 3: HEPA Filters                          6:50
  • Part 4: HEPA Filter Testing              9:54
  • Part 5: Some More HEPA Filters     4:34
  • Part 6 (a): Changing HEPA Filters   4:47
  • Part 6 (b): Gas Phase Filters, Chemical Filters & Masks     3:49
  • Part 7: ISO 14644-3:2019                 5:04
  • Part 8: Question & Answers           12:50

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About the Instructor:  Mr. Sant Advani is a graduate mechanical engineer from the University of Mysore and has 50 years experience in the HVAC and Clean room Industry. Having worked in India & Abroad for 15 years. He set up a Contamination Control Company “Airtech” in 1984 and sold the same in 2011 to his staff. He now runs a contamination control advisory service focusing on Hospital Operation Theaters and sterile Pharmaceutical manufacturing, and conducts training programs on clean rooms. He is also the long standing member of ISHRAE, IEST (Institute of Environmental Science and Technology). He is Honorary Secretary of CCSI (Contamination Control Society of India) He is on the International Technical Committee of ICCCS. 

As an accredited trainer of ICCCS he has conducted certification courses on “HEPA Filtration” and “Cleanroom Validation". In August 2020 he conducted an online course on "Cleanroom Filtration” with 18 candidates from 7 countries. He contributes technical articles to the ISHRAE magazine(the Indian arm of ASHRAE). He presented a paper on “Cleanrooms 101” at the International Conference On Pharmacy and Medicine at Ajman UAE in November2019.

Source: PharmaState Academy 

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