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Considerations & Steps for Building a Contamination Control Strategy (CCS)





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Webinar Description: Conventional approaches to Contamination Control are changing. They are being driven by the need to anticipate contamination events, rather than simply react to them; and new regulations are supporting this shift in thinking. Defining a Contamination Control Strategy (CCS) is unique for each process and requires an intimate understanding of both the process and how to implement an effective strategy. This presentation will go into depth on both topics.





Anna Campanella, PhD, Advisory Team Head, Particle Measuring Systems

Anna has vast industry experience which she uses to collaborate and consult with pharmaceutical companies. She is highly skilled in the development and implementation of science-based strategies, principles of contamination monitoring, and methods of controlling and improving the chemical, physical, and microbiological states of various production processes. Anna holds a PhD in Molecular Medicine and is an authority in many areas of pharmaceutical manufacturing; such as: QA & QC processes, validation of chemical and microbiological methods and the validation of sterile production processes. Additionally, she maintains expert-level knowledge of the microbiological aspects of aseptic production processes.



Ugo Omeronye, Global Pharma Advisory Specialist

Ugo has worked with pharmaceutical companies to support quality assurance and control. She is especially skilled in data-driven corrective and preventative actions for environmental monitoring and contamination-control strategies affecting medical devices and drug production. Ugo earned her Master’s in Biomedical Sciences; focusing on pharmacology, validation methodologies, and technologies to effectively streamline sterile manufacturing.



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