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Coronavirus Digital Communication Strategies for Pharma

Coronavirus Digital Communication Strategies for Pharma



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For many of us in health communications, the COVID19 pandemic has already dramatically changed our working practices. While most people working in pharmaceutical companies are being confined to home working, millions of doctors worldwide are putting their lives on the line and segregating themselves from family as they grapple with the unknown in the battle to slow the impact of the COVID19 coronavirus.

At, our health crisis experience has seen us advising the world’s most influential organisations during international public health emergencies, and coaching global healthcare communicators to prepare for a crisis.

Join this live webinar and you will be the first to access’s up-to-the-minute intelligence on HCP needs and the response of pharmaceutical companies. In this webinar you will discover:

Latest insights from the front lines of pharma communications during the COVID-10 pandemic.

Insight-led strategies to direct your immediate and long-term action planning.



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About CREATION: For more than twenty years, our work with pharmaceutical clients has helped bring life-changing new treatments to the patients who need them. Our direct customer intelligence helps pharmaceutical companies to understand and access new markets, expand their reach into new patient populations, and respond to emerging disruptions in their environment.

CREATION was born over two decades ago in 1998. Since that time it  has advised some of the biggest and best names in healthcare, providing a range of services and products, all centered around adding value through engagement for the health and pharmaceutical industries.

As a consultancy, It has spent years educating and informing on how healthcare professionals were using the Internet and in latter years social media. CREATION has continued to see significant innovation and growth through its commitment to research and development and our in-house technology team. In 2017 it announced a collaboration with SERMO, the leading global social network for doctors, which enables them access to the 800,000 physicians using their network and listen to their views.

With more than a million social media profiles worldwide, and more than a billion posts, CREATION Pinpoint leads the world in learning from healthcare professionals on public social media, to enable healthcare companies and organisations to be more effective.

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