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Diversity and Culture: Strategies for Working with Differences

Diversity and Culture: Strategies for Working with Differenceson SREP Mae gia ta


Webinar Certificate: After the webinar is completed in full, a link to the test will appear. Once you have finished the test, you can complete the form to receive your certificate by download and email.
  • When: On-Demand (Anytime)
  • Duration: 60 min 
  • Trainer: David C. Jung


Webinar Description

When diversity and cultural differences lead to misunderstandings or distrust, they are often viewed as challenges to manage within our work environments. However, they are better viewed as valuable assets to organizational health. This webinar examines specific elements of diversity and culture as they relate to communicating, power differentials, and experiences of discrimination.

There is additional content available for this webinar. Click here to download. 


Source: ACHIEVE - Centre for Leadership   - Top image source:

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About ACHIEVE - Centre for Leadership: ACHIEVE provides training (in-person and online), consulting, books, and free resources in the areas of leadership, workplace culture, conflict, and communication. 

ACHIEVE believes that everyone should be able to like where they work. The centre hopes that their impact of their work ripples out into the world, inspiring learning and improving lives. Their facilitators are located in major cities across Canada and several US regions, and they work with both small and large clients worldwide. 

ACHIEVE’s mission is to inspire learning and improve lives. It aspires to be the most trusted, accessible provider of quality training and resources on the topics of leadership, workplace culture, conflict resolution, and communication skills. 

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