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Foundations of GMP: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)

Foundations of GMP: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)


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Quality of Medicines

Course Description

This eLearning course aims to improve your knowledge and understanding of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturers.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand good manufacturing practice, quality management, quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) requirement
  • Understand good documentation practice
  • Understand equipment maintenance, calibration and cleaning requirement
  • Understand process validation, cleaning validation and analytical method validation requirement
  • Understand contract manufacturing requirement

Applies to the following audiences

  • Manufacturing organizations
  • GMP auditors and trainers
  • Regulatory professionals and Inspectors
  • Students in pharmacy related degrees

Access Duration: Access to this course expires 60 days from the date of registration or until you mark the course ‘Complete’ – whichever occurs first.

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USPEDU Course ID:  GMP-EL-02

Available Languages: English (US)


Subjects: current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)


Download your FREE 'Certificate of Completion'  upon successful completion of Self-Paced eLearning.

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About U.S. Pharmacopeia:  USP is an independent, scientific nonprofit organization—an important third party that is unbiased and not motivated by politics or profit. Scientific rigor is at the heart of USP's standards development process, which is transparent and inclusive of diverse global perspectives from government, academia, civil society and industry. Our standards are public and "open source" and are an important resource for making sure safe, quality medicines reach patients.

Why Choose USP Education?

USP Education provides year-round courses and programs on how to effectively interpret and apply USP’s internationally recognized quality standards. The standards help ensure the quality and safety of medicines, dietary supplements and foods. USP courses are created by the scientists and experts who help develop the USP standards that are used worldwide. Courses are presented by approved instructors with practical, first-hand knowledge of the subject area and related standards. The insights they share will not only make your daily work easier, but will also connect you to an independent, nonprofit scientific body with the goal of creating a strong foundation for a healthier world.

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