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FREE Handbook for B2B Food and Nutraceutical Event Marketers

FREE Handbook for B2B Food and Nutraceutical Event MarketersVIRTUAL EVENTS IN B2B

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The handbook for B2B food and nutraceutical event marketers operating in a world where digital is the new norm. 

FREE 40-page handbook on how to plan, manage and promote virtual events in the B2B food sectors.

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Operating in a Coronavirus world where digital is the new norm.

COVID-19 has disrupted the events calendar in the food, nutraceutical and related life sciences sectors quite severely. Many of the trade shows and conferences we would normally attend during a calendar year have been cancelled or postponed.

These events are important for the livelihood of all the organizations – big and small – throughout the food supply chain. They are the meeting places for executives within the sectors to conduct business in a number of ways, which includes the marketing of products and services.

And there is no doubt business will have been affected because of these cancellations and postponements. But it is not all doom and gloom. Event trade show organizers and B2B marketers around the world have devised new ways to run events so that delegates can attend (and generate business) from the safety of their own homes.

Virtual events are growing in popularity, especially as the world continues to deal with the effects of COVID-19.

A virtual event, also known as an online or digital event, is an interactive gathering that happens on the internet. Unlike physical events, virtual events are not restricted to a single location. A remote attendee can join and participate from anywhere in the world.

This handbook will look at the details of this changed environment. Specifically, it will provide food, ingredients, nutraceutical and life science marketers with an overview of how to survive and prosper in this new virtual world. Chapters include virtual event types, some digital-first secrets, marketing tactics, how to run your own events as well as handy checklist to print out for each of your events. Also included is a list of confirmed virtual events in the B2B food sectors which will form part of your event schedule for 2020 and beyond. Thank you for reading.

Designed for food, nutraceutical and life science marketing professionals, this 10-chapter handbook provides a detailed overview on how to manage virtual events in a digital-only world created by COVID-19.

The Virtual Events in the B2B Food Sectors handbook will help you:

  • Understand the key implications of COVID-19 on B2B marketers. 
  • Determine the types of virtual events at your disposal as an exhibitor and host.
  • Learn the key differences between virtual and physical events.
  • Establish a successful virtual event presence from the outset.
  • Select the appropriate digital marketing tactics for promotion.
  • Run your own virtual event.
  • Inform you of current B2B food events (list for 2020 and beyond).
  • Stay organized with a virtual event checklist

Download the guide for free via the form 

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