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How to Manage Salespeople

How to Manage SalespeopleHow to Manage Salespeople




Salespeople, Managers & Executives

The question isn't whether or not you should be utilizing sales technology within your organization, but WHEN. Don't fall behind.

Sandler Strategies for Success

Education for salespeople, sales leaders and business owners who want to set goals and succeed.

  • TOOLS: How to leverage leading management tools designed to automate important sourcing and onboarding activities. 
  • TECHNOLOGY: How to use technology to engage you and your team members with the principles and processes that drive real results. 
  • TRAINING: How to implement proven, effective, consistent education programs for both your new and existing team members.

Improve your results.

Overcome some of the most important planning challenges and erase the negative connotations of selling.


[SANDLER TRAINER] Jody Williamson

Sandler Trainer and Author Jody Williamson brings over 35 years of real world sales, management and training experience to his clients. His strong belief and conviction is evident in all areas of his business and its successful training programs and consulting engagements. Jody and his team are dedicated to working with business owners, principals, sales managers, salespeople and non-selling professionals to give them the behaviors, attitudes and techniques to reach their full potential in sales.

3365fda3.jpg[VP OF ONLINE LEARNING] Mike Montague

Mike Montague shares his knowledge and expertise by way of social media and other avenues with quality content and resources designed for sales professionals and managers all over the globe. He is also an accomplished writer, contributing to the Sandler book, LinkedIn The Sandler Way, business magazines, and the Sandler Blog.

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Who is Sandler? Sandler is a full-service professional development and training organization serving large multi-national companies as well as small- to mid-sized businesses. We offer a full suite of results-driven training solutions designed to address a wide range of business issues in sales, management and leadership. These solutions are accessible via multiple delivery modalities, including in-person instructor-led, virtual instructor-led, and Online On-Demand, to give our clients the flexibility to learn when, where, and how, it makes sense for them.

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