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"Pensive Insights" - Random Reflections for Improving our Lives



Mastin H. Fischer once sud, "Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in

their simplification.” This is what Mc. Mohammed Abdul Jawad brings to the table He
treats the reader to a wealth of knowledge that he eloquently encapsulates into nuggets of




Ovee the years, 1 have cagedy awaited his posts to indulge myself in one of his i


observations. What makes Abdul Jawad's writings so enticing is that they tendec a profound

1 for debate and reflection


thought without imposing and politely open the fl


"Pensive Insights” is the essence of Mr. Abdul Jawad's lifetime of expenence. It is his gs


And in the words of the bralhant Re


1 those seeking knowledge and wisdom ssance artist


Leonardo da Vinci, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Iam honoted to present to you the hitceary work of my dear faend and my mentor Me

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

Happy reading

Khalid Alsharani

Image and Reputation Consultant

‘erspective International
idah, Saudi Arabia


In journeying the worldly life, every person goes through an ordeal—there are ups and downs, joys and sadness, truth and falsities. 

Sometimes, simple inspiration endorses our hearts and brings in dramatic changes for bettering our lives. It is with this assumption that he has put down his random reflections in this book ‘Pensive Insights’. 

It is a collection of insights for improving human lives. His writings are very impressive and straight to the point. And this book deserves the benevolent attention of the readers and his writings deserve a place in the literature of a new generation.

'Pensive Insights' (eBook) is available on AMAZON at: 

'Pensive Insights' (Paperback) is available on AMAZON at:


Mohammed Abdul Jawad is a writer, blogger and poet. Reading through his book ‘Pensive Insights’ one wishes that one knew more about the author than he is a non-academic who made a humble beginning earning his living as a retail salesman, and currently cherishes his successful career working in a pharmaceutical company.

Besides this, he is a beBee brand ambassador for beBee Affinity Social Network S.L., which is a successful personal branding platform. On this platform, he regularly posts his short, straightforward articles that make us look at our own world from a different perspective.

Born in Secunderabad, India, he is an old student of St. Patrick's High School, Secunderabad, India. It was during his schooling period that he developed an inclination for writing. He is a lively and enthusiastic individual who applies vision to helping people and get along with the work by being aware of people's aspirations. Very often, he is persevering and appreciative of others, and seeking involvement with them in life's tasks.

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