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Ramadan Preparations

Ramadan Preparations’s all Ramadan rush! Walk in into any hyper store or supermarket and one can see the visible crowd of customers—all hastily wading, surveying promo offers and picking up groceries at discounted rates and special deals.

It’s like a shopping festival with flow of shoppers and boost in sales everywhere. With tempting offers and slashed prices on essential commodities, vegetables, poultry products, fruits and other items all you need is to take a stroll and shop your way.

With a hustle and bustle in attitude, enthusiasm on faces, Ramadan shoppers become generous in spending. No second thoughts, no stinginess. While flipping the pages of promo booklets, they heap up their trolleys that resemble like loaded carts for some great preparations.

Everything’s there...cartons of mineral water, sacks of branded rice, sugar and flour, bags of detergent powder, containers of edible oil, packs of fillets, nuggets and shrimps, trays of bakery and confectionery items, boxes of delicious dates, selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, boxes of tissues and disposables, packs of chicken, mutton and minced beef, bottles of sliced Jordanian olives, special dairy products and pastas, variety of juices and instant drinks, dried fruits and assorted nuts, mouth-watering cakes, creams and crackers, flavored milk and caramel, packets of soups and spices, tins of sauces and syrups, rolls of kitchen towels, packs of soaps and lotions, cans of baby food and diapers.

And, on such occasions, even undesired items like cutleries and electrical appliances at promo prices get into shoppers’ trolleys.

It’s shopping frenzy that apparently one can witness crammed regiments of families in giant markets—wives, husbands and children pushing laden trolleys to stack their kitchen cabinets and refrigerators, and welcome and commemorate Ramadan, with good feelings, luscious fruits and flavorsome dishes.

O yes, come Ramadan, and everyone charts out some programmed recipes...what to cook for pre-dawn meals and what to prepare for dusk meals. As the eating patterns change, it’s like kitchens everywhere getting geared up for an array of selected traditional food dishes, nutritious beans and soups, delicious desserts, flavorsome chickpeas and lentils and appetizing beverages.

Even the street restaurants and cafes become crowd pullers, with their unique menus offering variety of appetizing meals and snacks. It’s opportune time for food enthusiasts to saunter around and splurge to enjoy food and fabulous Ramadan nights.

Indeed, once in a year, Ramadan comes with a great reverence, splendor and festivity. It’s a month of abstinence, veneration, blessings, virtues, serenity, pensive reflections, spending, alms-giving, charities, strengthening relationships and cheery celebration.

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Mohamed Osman

Mohamed Osman

6 months ago #1

i can imagine people go back and forth purchasing their needs in order to get things done before ramadan arrives it is a tradition thing

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