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Ramadan’s Repentance, Rejuvenation and Rewards


Imagine the worth of human life, when all sincere supplications are answered and serious sins forgiven. Aha...that’s the celestial boon and blessing, and that can be attained when we truthfully repent over our misdeeds and do good acts to please the Almighty Lord.

Fortunate are those who fully cherish the blessed month of Ramadan and become extra repentant, earnest with orisons and upright with righteous deeds. Wretched is the person who gets this beauteous month of Ramadan and remains deprived of its blessings.

What if we gain the whole world and lose our own souls without sensible spirituality and decent deeds? More than feasting, entertainment and socializing, we ought to take frank lessons from fasting and become obedient to the Islamic teachings in order to get closer to our Creator, the Almighty Lord and reap great rewards.

It’s amazing to know how Muslims become more magnanimous in offering all types of charity during the month of Ramadan. It’s the immaculate blessings of Ramadan that make Muslims more spirited, righteous and generous.

Ramadan anywhere in the world radiates its beauty, sanctity and simplicity. Muslims become punctual in offering congregational and voluntary prayers, earnestly glorifying and praising their Lord, restraining from evil or vain affairs, spending wealth in charity and travelling to Makkah to perform Umrah (lesser pilgrimage).

Moreover, Ramadan is a wonderful opportunity to cultivate one’s sense of empathy and exercise one’s sense of charity through philanthropic activities. The best thing is that Ramadan offers Muslims a chance to connect with the community on a beneficial and meaningful level.

As such the holy month of Ramadan is more of giving, sharing and caring, and it is in this month, besides generous philanthropists, even groups, organizations and businesses become engaging to do something different during the month of Ramadan such as dispensing free Iftaar (fast-breaking meals) at the mosques and to the deprived, needy and orphans and getting involved in schemes to make their huge monetary donations for good causes and offering encouraging Ramadan bonuses to employees.

Most of them undertake Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaigns to fulfill a company’s objectives as well as contribute to strengthening the socio-economic welfare and make a positive and sustainable difference among employees.

Indeed, adhering to the genuine Islamic teachings, the spirit of Ramadan is one of them that inspire Muslims to reduce human suffering by serving the poor, needy and less fortunate segments of society.

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