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Ramadan, Serials and Soap Operas

Hey. TV serials are
repeated. but not

Ah, when the month of Ramadan needs to be treasured in every manner, there’s much talk about popular, special soap operas during Ramadan as millions of viewers get hooked up to watching gripping episodes.

Basically, it’s perfect tuning of timing that matters. With the onset of Ramadan, eventually there comes great preparedness, and simultaneous launch of new soap operas on different channels are all commercial gimmicks to attract viewers.

Glued to idiot boxes, people binge on popular TV serials instead of revering the significance of blessed Ramadan. It’s funny. Perhaps, it’s like people prefer to spend time according to their whims and wishes.

In the name of favourite, popular shows, how nuisance and dissenting values creeps into our lives. In fact, there’s flaw in continuous viewing that oftentimes brainwashes viewers’ minds. If there’s any sentimental scene, devoted viewers become mum, and with mingled drama and suspense, viewers become all excited.

What a show of weirdness where a whole day is set for fasting in simplicity and after breaking fast at sundown there’s all eagerness and excitement, with families assembling around televisions.

Funnily, how people stay meek with spirituality during daytime and as night enters there’s enticing world of episodes filled with family drama, humour or tragic tales. It’s all big businesses that know how to churn out episodes on different channels to attract viewers and generate revenues from advertisements.

O, blame those countless satellite channels that spell magic on viewers’ minds. When one serial gets over, there’s a timely soap opera on a different channel. It’s sheer waste of time, and then the oddity is that worshippers, after breaking fast, pray hastily in order to watch serials or soap operas, without missing any portion of it.

Let’s question ourselves! How well we spend Ramadan and in what beneficial ways? We embrace righteous ways half-heartedly, with lethargic moods. And when it comes to soap operas, we are all passionate and reclining ourselves on sofas watching alluring television shows.

Perhaps, a clear fanatical addiction to watching those soap operas sometimes becomes a peril to the structured human relationships in a society. The influence of such soap operas can be witnessed with alien values pervading into traditional society, and in some cases causing detrimental dissension among family members that leads to toxic quarrels and painful divorces.

In truth, Ramadan is the right time wherein one can fast, with faith and sincerity, to attain piety, righteousness, blessings, forgiveness and rewards. Ramadan is the month that lessons us to practice patience, perform virtuous acts and implore unto the Almighty Lord for clemency.

But, it’s surprising how a stream of sensational serials and soap operas begin sprouting during Ramadan with its fascinating themes, melodramatic content, adequate spins and twirls and appealing characters.

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Mohammed Abdul Jawad

4 years ago #4

John Vaughan Thanks so much.

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

4 years ago #3

Praveen Raj Gullepalli Agreed. By the stings of modernism and technology, when pious falter with temptations, then even wicked feel themselves as upright souls.

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

4 years ago #2

Jerry Fletcher Truly said. Perhaps, we can say that human nature is a mystery while human life is an ordeal.

Jerry Fletcher

4 years ago #1

Mohammed, Human nature is a mystery wrapped in an enigma that displays its impenetrability most when least expected.

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