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Single Use Containment Technology: Multi-site Logistics of Toxic & Sterile Powders

Single Use Containment Technology: Multi-site Logistics of Toxic & Sterile PowdersSingle Use

Multi-site Logistics of
Toxic & Sterile Powders

ese mnt by

ChargePoint ® PHARMA


Learning Objectives
  • Discover a new implementation of packaging for the safe transport of high potency and/or sterile ingredients between DS production and DP formulation facilities.
  • Learn how disposable containment technology can change the status quo and provide additional benefits to both CMO’s and end-users / product owners alike.
  • Gain insight in to how these technologies have been validated to meet the needs of primary packaging, sterility assurance and powder containment.

Who is it for
  • Pharmaceutical companies with CMO partners looking to deploy faster off the shelf solutions that can be utilised throughout their in-house and extended networks.
  • CMO’s and ingredients manufacturers looking for standardized packaging formats that add value and to their products and improve their customers convenience from goods receipt to processing methodologies.
  • Supply chain partners responsible for managing CMO partnership and the associated value chain for receiving product.
  • Packaging Engineers looking to discover and implement new packaging formats that can benefit their companies’ operations.
  • Process and production Engineers who need to solve powder containment challenges during transfer to and handling within the production facility.
  • Quality and Validation Engineers looking to solve sterility assurance challenges associated with packaging of product for storage and transportation and the transfer of powders for aseptic filling.



Ben Wylie

Senior Product Manager, 

ChargePoint Technology


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