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Telehealth: The Evolution of Provider Care


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Online Training Highlights:

Duration: 1 hr 30 mins




Online Training Description

Telehealth is the next step in the evolution of healthcare. The COVID-19 pandemic made lasting changes to the healthcare landscape, including the acceleration of digital communications. 

In this self-guided course, you will learn about the benefits and challenges of telehealth, billing requirements for telehealth, the use of telehealth during COVID-19, and how telehealth is used internationally.


Source: Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs  (ACMA)


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About ACMA: The ACMA is an accredited organization that provides a range of services to life science companies and individual professionals. The ACMA is accredited by IACET/ANSI, the global body that grants certifying rights to businesses and organizations in every business sector. To win accreditation, an organization must undergo a thorough vetting and testing process that ensures that all personnel and processes maintain a high standard of professional excellence. 

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