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The Beauty of Ramadan

The Beauty of Ramadan

Come Ramadan, then there’s so much to talk about this blessed month that possesses refreshing beauty, shimmering tranquility and tremendous significance. 

Oh, how well Ramadan, with the sighting of the new crescent moon, brings forth blessings, goodness, joys and rewards. A whole month, with fasting from dawn until sunset, inspires Muslims to strengthen faith, enhance piety and perform Islamic acts of worship. 

The very thought of welcoming Ramadan enlivens one’s spirits, and with its onset one can look forward for a rigid dawn-to-dusk fasting, make a conscious bent of mind for good deeds, set aside time for reciting the Holy Qur’an, be submissive for sincere prayers, and hasten with humility for true repentance. 

When Ramadan approaches, every Muslim—from least to extent—prepares ahead, with dexterity and enthusiasm, to cultivate abstinence and patience, and then following ‘Ramadan initiatives’ prioritizes on specific and general good deeds to earn its rewards. During Ramadan, our fasting begins with pre-dawn meals (i.e. Suhoor), and the whole day is of prime essence, with perseverance and tolerance, abstaining from food, drink, smoking and conjugal relations, then at time of sunset, we break the fast either with ripe dates, water or whatever best we can prepare for.

Celebrating Ramadan anywhere is, no doubt, a unique experience. Wherever you are—in any city, any country—observing the month of Ramadan, with unfaltering fervor, explicit abstinence, unvarying piety is more rewarding experience that brightens one’s inward chambers and lessons one’s life that the rewards for fasting are immense, its true impact beautifies one’s faith and molds one’s character toward righteousness. 

But, Ramadan in Saudi Arabia is a real celebration. It’s so exciting to see this blessed month of Ramadan, with the awe-inspiring splendor of Holy Makkah, the serenity of sparkling Madinah, the influx of worshippers who wish to perform Umrah (lesser pilgrimage) in Ramadan, the remarkable beauty of masajeed (i.e. places of worship for Muslims) that reverberates with Taraweeh (Night) prayers, a compassionate atmosphere throughout the Kingdom with open and hidden charities and alms-giving, the beckoning ‘prayer calls’ that invigorates every Muslim,  and then there's so much to listen and watch such as recorded audio sermons, televised commentaries and online discourses that outline the importance and beauty of this blessed month. 

In Saudi Arabia, during Ramadan, until noon, almost every city in the Kingdom wears a hush and deserted look. As noon declines by its hue and heat, people move around, with hurriedness, to buy fresh fruits, savory dishes, appetizing food items—all in preparation for ‘Iftaar’ (breakfast), at sunset.

In Ramadan, it’s a reverse and different scenario as nights become days—in fact, every night moves ahead with festive momentum and liveliness, with night prayers, bustling traffic, people working in night shifts, shopping malls and departmental stores stay open until mid-night, and then eateries and restaurants of all kinds and supermarkets briskly serving till late mid night so people can prepare themselves for pre-dawn meals. 

Of course, spending Ramadan in Makkah and Madinah is an honor. Observing the beauty of the Two Holy Masajeed, with pilgrims clustered around, one definitely feels to spend long hours in worship, to keep on reciting the mellifluous Qur’an, and to be engrossed in silent pensive reflections.

Indeed, this blessed month, besides being rewarding, is an inspiration. A whole month of fasting that comes as an ordeal sometimes makes a great impact on us that we continue to harbor the same spirit of devotion in rest of the months. That’s the Grace and Bounty from the Almighty Lord, isn’t it? 

Then, what a beauty of fasting! It is only worship which is done for Allah Alone, so Allah will reward for it. A believer, with endurance fasts, not just to skip the hunger, but to please the Almighty Lord. With plenty of blessings in this month, it is pragmatic to comprehend that we follow true Islamic teachings and do righteous deeds.

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