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Towards Productivity Culture and Climate

To develop productivity conscious human resources, it is necessary for the organization to develop a productivity culture and climate in which every member of the organization is motivated to ensure that he is productive and makes other members of his work group productive to.

The requirements of human productivity are identified as –

(1) Organization Goals – It is an important policy term for the management and organization to take all the responsibilities in the journey of growth and expansion. Each department/division within the firm should be given specific goals that must be met in order to attain overall organizational goals. Goals should be set appropriately so that everyone in the organization gets motivated to accomplish.

(2) Creativity – Increase the motivation and create effective responses in people. Increasing productivity requires recognition of moral values and sensitive in human work settings.

(3) Interpersonal Relations – Authentic interpersonal relationship is a crucial factor in management and work situation. It rules out behavior that is exploitative, manipulative and hostile.

(4) Two-way Communication – Involves communicating organizational goals and policies to all employees, listening to subordinates, identifying problems, etc. Communication tends to enhance understanding and co-operation and influence behavior in a desired direction.

(5) Recognition of the Sources of Intrinsic Motivation – A kind of behavior which is done for one’s own sake is called intrinsically motivated. Intrinsic motivation can be enhanced by making one’s job more meaningful and satisfying.

(6) Employee Involvement and Participation – Workers involvement and participation in planning, decision making, implementing programmes and techniques of productivity improvement strengthen their motivation to give their best to the organization. The individual’s commitment to productivity is to be created through mental and emotional involvement in a group situation and his/her desire to share in the goals and responsibilities.

(7) Financial Incentives – Incentives may be given to individuals for motivating them towards better performance. Incentive schemes often require productivity agreements with the employees.

(8) Promotion – Is widely regarded as an important technique for motivating employees towards better performance. It is meant to recognize an employee’s skills, proficiency, knowledge and efforts in work performance.

(9) Job Enrichment – Is meant to provide an employee with variety in his assigned duties, autonomy and directions in the performance of his work and feedback.

(10) Job Enlargement – Is concerned with increasing the essential responsibilities of the job and its scope. It endeavors to build up the contents of jobs for eliciting higher levels of skills, interest, initiative and responsibility from the employee.

(11) Training and Counseling – Training of employees seeks to improve their skills and productivity by increasing the level of their activity and work competence. Counseling involves influencing outlook of employees towards productivity.

(Abstract from the source: “Productivity Enhancement And Measurement in Pharmaceutical Industry ” by Rajkumar P. Patil, Sr. Production Officer, Provimi Animal Nutrition India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India and Shakthi Prakash M. R., Manager – Production & Development, Health Line (P) Ltd., Bangalore, India │ Published source: International Journal of Pharma. Research & Development – │Publication Ref. No.: IJPRD/2011/PUB/ARTI/VOV-3/ISSUE-1/MARCH/018)

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