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Transmission-based Precautions

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Transmission-based Precautions, when used alongside Standard Precautions can stop or slow the spread of known or suspected infections. This course will cover how the main modes of transmission, what precautions can be used stop their spread and what personal protective equipment is required when caring for patients under transmission-based precautions. Transmission-based precautions are additional measures we can use in health care to help keep both staff and patients safe.


Course information: Transmission-based Precautions are used in addition to Standard Precautions for patients with known or suspected infections. The type of Transmission-based Precautions assigned to a patient depends on the transmission route of the microorganism: contact, droplet, or airborne.


Learning objectives:

  • Explain the rationale for Transmission-based Precautions.
  • Differentiate between Contact, Droplet and Airborne Precautions.
  • Identify elements of Transmission-based Precautions, such as patient placement, environmental cleaning, and patient transport.


Course duration: 1 hour.


Certificates: A Record of Achievement will be issued to participants who receive at least 70% on the post-test.



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