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Veils of Darkness - On AMAZON (at £0.99) and KOBO Books (at $1.00)

Veils of Darkness

A collection of short, unembellished neo-classical poems that address
some important aspects of human life in o universal fashion


Mohammed Abdul Jawad


Reading through the collection of poems 'Veils of Darkness' one wishes that one knew more about the poet than he is a Secunderabadee and a non-academic.

Short, unembellished, almost stark in their purity (no metaphor, no simile to speak of), the poems collected here address some important aspects of human life in a universal fashion. Here man is pitted against the devil, the two often changing roles. So the questions of good versus evil, light versus darkness, virtue versus calumny—all those much-maligned binarities—are once again raised. 

Simplicity, honesty, straight-forwardness, a lack of self-awareness—these are some of the characteristics that have gone into the making of these poems. Ezra Pound who advised young writers to shun the abstract and embrace the concrete images also said that honesty is a kind of intelligence. And there is a plenty of that intelligence in the poems of Abdul Jawad.

Both thematically and stylistically Abdul Jawad’s poems sound neo-classical. They take us to a world that we have left behind, that is to say they make us look at our own world from a different perspective. For a generation tired of modernist discourse this kind of writing should be a welcome change.

'Veils of Darkness' is available on AMAZON at:
'Veils of Darkness' is available on KOBO Books at:

Preface for the book is by Dr. K. V. Tirumalesh, Indian poet, novelist, translator, critic, essayist, author and retired professor from Central Institute of English & Foreign Languages (CIEFL), Hyderabad, India. For his collection of poems Akshaya Kavya (Infinite Embers) in Kannada (2010), he was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award.

Contents of 'Veils of Darkness' are as follows:

1. Mistaken Affairs

2. Wages of Fate

3. Man of the World

4. Treachery

5. Heart’s Weakness

6. An Erroneous Pretension

7. Injustice

8. Adultery

9. Imagination

10. Visage of Despair

11. Arrogance Hidden

12. Wondrous Man

13. Life’s Barter

14. Self-Labored Destiny

15. Blind Efforts

16. The Beguiling Burden

17. Imprints of Illness

18. Man

19. Lying Deeds

20. Lost Affairs

21. Devilish Anger

22. Follies of Life

23. Precepts of Haste

24. Human Nature

25. Enmity

26. Fear

27. Calumny

28. Omens

29. Lunatic Trespass

30. Wretched Souls

31. Chronicles

32. Unseemly Doom

33. Worldly Affairs

34. The Illusioned World

35. Untrue Laws

36. Mischief

37. Lost Nobility

38. Popular Madness

39. Reality Unknown

40. Wrongs of Mankind

41. Divided Nations

42. The World’s Reality

43. Worldly Disputes


Mohammed Abdul Jawad is a poet, writer and blogger.

Reading through his writings one wishes that one knew more about the author than he is a non-academic who made a humble beginning earning his living as a retail salesman, and currently cherishes his successful career working in a pharmaceutical company.

Besides this, he is a beBee brand ambassador for beBee Affinity Social Network S.L., which is a successful personal branding platform. On this platform, he regularly posts his short, straightforward articles that make us look at our own world from a different perspective.

Born in Secunderabad, India, he is an old student of St. Patrick's High School, Secunderabad, India. It was during his schooling period that he developed an inclination for writing. He is a lively and enthusiastic individual who applies vision to helping people and get along with the work by being aware of people's aspirations. Very often, he is persevering and appreciative of others, and seeking involvement with them in life's tasks.

'Veils of Darkness' is available on AMAZON at:
'Veils of Darkness' is available on KOBO Books at:
Visit Author page at:

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