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We, Our Grandfather and His Inspiring Talks


Perhaps, after receiving love and care from parents, children get an extra bonding love from their grandparents. After all, grandparents are like caring guardians, full of blessings and love, and always ready to inspire with their little stories and timely precepts.

When we were kids we used to earnestly sit in front of our grandfather, who then, used to narrate something interesting, something inspiring from his vivid memory. We, as grandchildren, always listened to him, in rapture.

Our grandfather had a painful past: he became orphan when he was at tender age, he started working as a shop assistant in a cloth stores when he was barely 14 years, and his career took irregular tempo with varying jobs. He struggled hard when he had tough times in a company that dealt with turbines, and he had good, cheery times when he was employed in British Airways in India.

Oftentimes, we used to admire his heroic personality. He was tall, with an athletic physique, broad shoulders and muscular arms. His speech had a charming tone that inspired listeners. Without any flaw, he had a good writing in English, and he spoke English, with good fluency.

“Grandfather, what’s your qualification?” we, once, asked him with eagerness.

“Oh, I am not much lettered; I had only my primary schooling. The way I speak and write is all what I have learnt while working in British Airways,” he said without any pause.

One day, our grandfather noted our bulky school bags when we unloaded, with all tiredness after returning from the school. Observing us, he said, “When we were kids, we enjoyed our schooling. After coming home from the school, we took time to study before sunset, and after a delicious meal and little play, we used to go off to our beds for a good sleep”.

Indeed, our grandfather lived a tough, bold and amazing life. In hard times, he rarely allowed any fold to show up on his forehead and his tone never stumbled in sadness. On the contrary, his face was always shimmering, with lively voice and appealing expressions.

Initially, after ending up work tenure at British Airways, our grandfather proudly joined Indian Railways and at the age of fifty-eight, he was retired from the services. Even after retirement, he kept himself busy and in his sixties, he took up few clerical jobs at two places.

Despite having a battered face, with waning age and wrinkles, he had bold, commanding voice that would impress anyone. Sometimes, without a penny in his pocket, our grandfather had a buoyant attitude. When he used to utter, his speech was like an influencing oratory, and those around him always grasped inspiration. In a fitting way, he was more than a guardian, and we must say that he was a great mentor who taught us moral scruples with stimulating stories.

A brief illness seized our beloved grandfather, and he was diagnosed with failure of kidneys. He died at the age of 81 years. Prior to his death, at times, he became emotional, with tears flowing on his cheeks, but he never had a quavering tone. 

Even in his sickness, he was heartwarming person who walked firmly and spoke vividly, with short pauses.

Now, after more than a decade of his death, we still remember his intimate guardianship and cautious mentoring. His anecdotes, full of golden words still resonates in our lives, and indeed these like special gifts have proved worthwhile to chisel our personalities.

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Mohammed Abdul Jawad

5 years ago #6

Praveen Raj Gullepalli Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments, and in fact, reading your response refreshed my memory in many ways. Indeed, the presence of parents and grandparents is both blessings and bounty. We ought to revere them, with all humility, for their love, care and mentoring. I am glad to know you had wonderful times listening tales to your maternal and paternal grandfathers :) Aha…then, the strict precepts, out of sheer care and love, that comes from them…do this, do that, avoid this, follow that…:) your story too reminded me things of past…street lights, moths immediately after sunset, petromax (that we used to light in our home when we were bereft of electricity for almost 5 years due to heavy bill). With such lovely parents, I presume that you had a lovely tutelage. Once again, thanks so much Praveen Sahab! :)

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

5 years ago #5

Lisa Gallagher Thanks so much for counting this post worthwhile. Aha…you like my grandpa’s picture. That’s great to know. You know what? In hard times too, he used to keep his face cheery. Thanks, once again for your comments.

Lisa Gallagher

5 years ago #4

What a great story you shared about your grandfather . I love the photo. I'm glad you had many years to enjoy with your grandfather and he shared his knowledge freely. It's so nice when you have such a great relationship with family members because there's a lot to pass on to future generations ( a lot of good, that is).

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

5 years ago #3

Deb Helfrich Thanks so much for your appreciative remarks. Yes, sometimes we ought to delve into our past to recall something most prized. What matters is attitude. And our grandfather was a man of good, cheery attitude. Thanks, once again for liking this post.

Dean Owen

5 years ago #2

I also enjoyed this tribute. Perhaps it resonated because I never knew my grandfathers. It's good to have a patriarch in the family. Thanks

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

5 years ago #1

debasish majumder I am glad to know that you enjoyed reading the post. Sometimes, due to culture drift, we forget our beauteous past.

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