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الهندسة\ الهندسة المعمارية
Fadi Fizo


حول Fadi Fizo:

Seeking an entry-level position 
that will allow me to contribute my skills in medical device
development, data analysis, and research to further the field of
biomedical engineering while continuously learning and growing.
Worked in Dallah Hospital, Riyadh as an internship trainee for one month.


Worked in Dallah Hospital as a Biomedical Engineer trainee

Assisted senior engineers in the testing and calibration of 

medical devices

 Encountered various technical challenges during my

traineeship, which allowed me to apply engineering principles

to solve real-world problems. This experience improved my

problem-solving skills and taught me to approach issues with

a systematic and analytical mindset

Maintaining patient safety and adhering to regulatory
.standards are paramount in the medical field


Bahçeşehir University

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Science 

Biomedical Engineering


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