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Hassan Fayi


حول Hassan Fayi:

I'm a writer who graduated as a scientific researcher. I find myself passionate about writing and content creation. Creative ideas is what I seek with also supporting them with good research. I have a deep understanding of writing also a great passion to learn more.


AUTHORSFORUM FIRM Joined right after releasing my book. I've been responsible for content writing since. I also became responsible for podcast and content creation.



Digital marketing foundations 

Social marketing

 E-mail marketing 

Customer attraction 

Creating creative content

 Using online tools to organize work.

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محترفون من قطاعات مختلفة بالقرب من Jeddah, مِـنْـطَـقَـة مَـكَّـة الـمُـكَـرَّمَـة

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وظائف بالقرب من Jeddah, مِـنْـطَـقَـة مَـكَّـة الـمُـكَـرَّمَـة

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