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Al Jubayl Industrial City
Romeo Quiambao

Romeo Quiambao

I Am Romeo Quiambao Kitchen Technician Supervisor

الخدمات المعروضة: إصلاح Maytag - الدعم الفني , عامل الكهرباء , إصلاح الموقد الكهربائي , خدمات سخانات المياه الكهربائية , الأسلاك الكهربائية السكنية , التركيب الكهربائي , مقاولو الكهرباء التجاريون , كهربائيون تجاريون , كهربائيون , إصلاح سخانات المياه الكهربائية , إصلاح الأجهزة - الدعم الفني , سباكون على مدار 24 ساعة , الرسامين السكنيين , أخصائي تركيب الغلايات الكهربائية , السباكين , التوصيلات الكهربائية , إصلاح الفريزر - الدعم الفني , السباكون الرئيسيون , كهربائيون محليون , أعمال النجارة , كهربائيون على مدار الساعة , فنيو التكييف , الفحص الكهربائي - الدعم الفني , كهربائيون طوارئ , تركيب الأجهزة الكهربائية , مقاولو الإضاءة الكهربائية , إصلاح ويرلبول - الدعم الفني , تركيب غسالة صحون الكترول , كهربائي - عامل متعدد الحرف , شركات الإنشاءات الكهربائية

Al Jubayl Industrial City, المنطقة الشرقية
$18 / ساعة
معدل تقريبي


حول Romeo Quiambao:

Over several years experiences in Electrical Wiring, repairs, general maintenance, Building Electrician, and installation of heating and ventilation equipment, commercial kitchen equipment, oilfield machinery and commercial refrigeration, Performs maintenance & repairs related to building, grounds and equipment, in one or more areas such as electrical, plumbing, painting and grounds keeping, highly skilled at managing people, Housekeeping supervisor, schedules, inventory and training, Able to repair most mechanical system while staying within budget, on schedule and maintaining high level of safety very familiar with OSHA standards  And compliance requirements, Following national electrical codes state and local building regulation.



 Prepares the safety work  permit from issuer for ppm & cm job.

  • Prepares the monthly of attendance sheet for my team.
  • Supervises and assigns the work of maintenance employees
  • Reading technical diagrams and blueprints..
  • Thorough knowledge of the occupation hazards and corresponding safety precautions necessary for the safe performance of assigned duties.
  • Ability to update inventories and other supplies as needed.
  • Ability to meet and deal tactfully and courteously with fellow employees and contractors.
  • Prepares daily work accomplishment report and perform other duties that may be assigned by superior from time to time. Plan and schedule project.
  • Completes daily weekly and monthly checklist ppm on kitchen  equipment And electrical equipment.
  • Strong ability to read and comprehend wiring diagrams and to follow manuals on operation and installation to successful complete tasks. 
  • Carry out periodic inspection cleaning and equipment servicing.
  • Maintain records and documentation relating to the going completion of project.
  • Supervise electricians as they work providing guidance and instruction as needed.
  • Perform preventive maintenance and completes the turn over quickly and efficiently in order to satisfy and meet the guest needs.
  • Perform general repair and maintenance duties in regard to laundry plumbing electrical systems and kitchen appliances equipment.
  • Troubleshooting electrical issues using appropriate testing devices.
  • Ensure that all kitchen equipment are property maintained and service to upkeep all equipment and to avoid breakdown. Maintaining a safe and clean work area.
  • Log into the work order management system to find accept and complete the work requests.
  • Carry out installation of new equipment perform repair on leaks, ensure settings o wiring controls change equipment parts that have become old or defective.
  • Attend quickly to emergency call on equipment repair issues as well as to after work hour calls.
  • Collaborate with other maintenance works company officials and to effectively provide solutions to maintenance problem. Troubleshooting and repairing malfunctioning equipment.
  • Perform repairs and maintenance duties on a wide variety of kitchen and refrigeration equipment such as walk in chiller, freezer industrial sized steam cooker, Chiller, Hot banquet trolley,
  • Food service Repair all Any Brand of commercial kitchen Equipment. 
  • Maintain various types of Kitchen equipment such as; Blenders, Boilers, Coffee Grinders, Coffee Machines, Baine Marie, Combi Oven, Cough Mixer, Deep Fryer, Dish Washer, Gas or Electric range hot plate, Grills, Boiling pan Tilting pan, Fry top, Food warmer, Blenders, Juicer Machine, Meat Mixer, Meat slicer, Micro Oven, Potato Peelers, Etc.
  • Following national electrical codes state and local building regulation.
  • Perform preventative maintenance on a regular schedule.       


Vocational Diploma / Short Course Certificate IE Industrial electricity


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