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The Three Devastating Ws




Believe it or not – excessive worldliness, workaholism and waywardness ruins one’s life. Or say the three devastating Ws.


With our little hearts, temporal lives and diverse deficiencies we humans put excessive years – just to earn worldliness and become a person of the world. More than meaningful sensibility we long for materialistic success. Weirdly, some in maniac materialism become misers who, bereft of empathy, care nothing for simple charities.


What it means when we call someone workaholic? A person, who is over dedicated, works more to get things done or who is excessively focused. Perhaps, workaholics are simply selfish people who, for the sake of few priorities, mess up their lifestyles and live miserably with their own perspectives. 


No one works all the time with the same spirit. We are humans. We are not machines. In some cases, some employees pretend to be workaholics in order to flatter their bosses, gain high grades or, in least, for the sake of earning goodly overtime.


Yes, but devoid of sincerity and truthfulness, we become so lost in specific subjects that we are more or less like tactical players. No bluffing. Check out any workaholic’s routine. Some workaholics carry feeble minds because they work according to their set rosters and beyond that they perceive nothing. No time to reflect or little moments for leisure. Even if they aren’t doing anything, they loiter around and pretend to show that they are working.


Agreed that workaholics may be wealthy people, but with too many unchecked frailties they are, sometimes, sheer losers. Away from families, they live in isolation or, in some cases, being with families they are without intimacy and interaction.


Perhaps, when we begin to live with balanced attitude or in moderation we find more heartiness, happiness and harmony. Oftentimes, in the making of our careers and lives, we tend to imitate others or become too adamant to our own beliefs. We seek not popular truths and wisdom that can mend our marooned and muddled lives.


And then, what a human wretchedness when relationships get drifted away due to our waywardness and paltry priorities! Certainly, when we fall into schisms and sins, we humans give no worth to upright faith and refined character. And, with our towering aspirations, we may become super rich and successful in worldly ways. 

But then, without those two simple traits, we lose our human dignity and become wayward on devilish, deviated paths.


Image source:  Pixabay

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