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Creating a Culture of Change




What if we don’t change at a
and something magical just happens?”

What you say about a company that’s without rank culture, consistent stability and measurable performance. When everything is in mess and no one holds a sense of responsibility, then no one cares to read the pulse of a company, give a keen observation in denting corporate culture, rectify deficiencies with timely remedies and heal sick workplace, like a humane doctor, to bring in plausible changes.

The truth is that reputed businesses flourish based on their potential product portfolios, linked customer base and huge profits. In the presence of expansive network and operations, even if there are few deliberate deviations, calculated over expenses or fabricated projections, then nothing gets noticed. Where there are traces of infidelity, there’s deception and elusiveness in active role. Verily, without honesty at workplaces, it becomes easier for employees to twist the truth. When every employee, after knowing fraudulent practices at a workplace, remains silent, then there are more chances of mischief in warped hypocrisy.

However, dishonesty, at one point, after soonest or longer trail, will get itself exposed. In this perspective, here’s an interesting parable that was narrated by a cab-driver.

While working in a big corporation, he used to charge a meager amount of kickback on every invoice. Since the flow of bills was more, so he earned sufficiently on every single day. Over the years, he coped up this corrupt practice. But, one day he was caught and the management questioned him the reason behind this deception rather than asking for a raise in salary. He, in a simpler tone, replied to them that he felt a little fee on each bill was untraceable. And this set-up, according to him, was far better than charging more money or asking for a salary increase. 

For instance, a group of companies, which is run by family members, becomes a complex entity where major divisions lie at the helm of key directors and upper echelons of management. In such places, it’s hard to track the transparency of various transactions and find out if any embezzlement happens at any stage.

In one big company, which is a part of a major group, management team decided to annul one department for the sake of cost savings and avail respective services from a consultancy firm. The process began and they made an outsourcing deal with them. Few of the department employees were fired, and the rest were spared and employed by the consultancy firm. What then? For each and every service that the company required was billed enormously by the consultancy firm. Obviously, that isn’t cost savings, but it’s cost spiraling or we can say may be a portion of payment goes to the top management team members who broker the outsourcing deal for some sly payback.

Yes, ethics starts at the top. When one who discourses truth falls prey to corrupt practices, then whereof obedience from the followers? Likewise, if top management wants a ‘culture of change’ to desired levels, then they have to be ready to reinvent their business model and take on some innovative new approach. Besides this, they have to be upright and become exemplar to motivate their employees at the workplaces. When it comes to leadership, best are those who manage their affairs, with all fairness and excellent character, manage their departments with discipline and establish an atmosphere that exhibits their humanitarian traits.

In fact, a little inspiration can create motivation and strengthen one’s attitude. And, when good leadership, striking precepts and worthwhile encouragement are enacted in any organization, then that speaks of humane management and employees will become more happy, healthy, loyal and productive, and profits will follow. Isn’t that sufficient? Oh, yes…who may deny it?

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mohammed Abdul Jawad is a writer, blogger and poet. 

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Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #2

this is how zombie organization are inflating and business thus proceeds without caring what they are actually yielding! unfortunately this trends are increasing and surprisingly how the crisis being catapulted with more aggravating the scenario. however, great insight ! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.
Maybe this is your best buzz so far . Without ethics and values that lead to healthy interactions and the emergence of a healthy culture things shall go astray. The culture of deception and hiding facts for the sake of self-interest will steer the company to its death. Worse, is if top management gets involved in such evil practices as you highlighted in your buzz.

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